Working As a Builder in Australia

If you do not have building skills and want to become a licensed builder in Brisbane or elsewhere in Queensland you first need to gain the appropriate skills. Most people will usually start on a TAFE learning course or apprenticeship Brisbane & Gold Coast. Many companies will hire a trainee for three or four days per week and the remaining day or two the apprentice will study at a local TAFE institute to gain the necessary skills to work in the building industry.

Working for another company, builders can learn the skills required without having to be a licensed builder so this is a real advantage since it allows builders to gain the necessary skills and learn on the job without having to have a large initial capital outlay for expensive training courses.


To become a licensed builder trainees/apprentices need to have at least two years commercial building experience, hold a TAFE or equivalent diploma and have several top quality references. There are different classes of licenses for builders in Queensland

For those coming from overseas who do not have Australian experience and Australian recognized qualifications but have an equivalent overseas qualification, you should get in contact with the Skills Recognition Branch of the Department of Education and Training. They will be able to advise you if your overseas qualifications and experience can be turned into Australian qualifications. In many cases, if an overseas qualification cannot be used to gain an Australian one it is just a matter of doing some refresher courses and learning the Australian way of working to building standards etc.

Australian trade skills having levels 1-4 called AQF levels. After that level 5 is a diploma and there are higher levels of the Vocational Graduate Certificate which is considered to be the same level as Bachelors Degree and involves a considerable amount of theory and business and account skills. is a qualified and licensed Brisbane home builder. is both an independent contractor and also works as an employee for several Brisbane builders.

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