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WordPress is one of the present day’s most popular website development eco-systems. It is so easy to use for blogging and also flexible enough to build brochure and E-Commerce style websites on too!

That’s all great but don’t leave the security of your WordPress installation and website to chance or you may pay a high price! When theonline hackers come calling, as they undoubtedly will, you want to keep your valuable website and data as safe as possible!

To this end, let’s take a look at the steps that you should take to secure yourself from today’s online threats from cyber criminals and even perhaps nation states and spy agencies trying to get what they want.

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Common WordPress Security Vulnerabilities

Potential online security vulnerabilities are as ever present nowadays as the internet itself! Here is what you should be keeping a close eye on with any WordPress website:

  • Website hosting servers genericsecurity vulnerabilities should be analysed
  • Your particular WordPress Theme’s securityneeds checking
  • Variable login pages should be implemented
  • Strong passwords should be implemented using lowercase, caps, symbols and numeric always!
  • Plug-in securityshould be checked
  • Always keep all plug-ins up to date with the latest version
  • Database security is vital
  • Secure WordPress website hosting is a must and not an option!
  • Poorly setFile permissions must be eradicated!
  • FTP vulnerabilities need probing
  • All back doors should be closed firmly shut!
  • Encryption must be implemented if valuable, personal or financial data is processed
  • Install a security plug-in such as Wordfence!

If we had to choose just one plug-in for WordPress security it would probably be Wordfence!

The Wordfence WordPress plug-in is a security plug-in that comes in both a free and paid for version. In our opinion, the comprehensive power of the paid version is well worth having.

The cost of the paid version depends on the number of individual licenses that you are purchasing and also on how long the licenses are for. This paid model also makes this plug-in suitable for web developers where economies of scale can be important.

Wordfence is not simply standalone software, it is offered with support and remote monitoring capabilities too.This is how it works: Wordfence servers scan your website forrecent file changes, SQL and code injections, malware, and otherbackdoor exploits. These website scans can be scheduled to run at the best time to suit you, which would often be at quite times.

Wordfence has a usefulfeature called the ‘’threat defence feed’ whichprovides your plug-in with the most up to date firewall rules and malware signatures, together with a list of known malicious IP addresses!

Here are the most notable feature of Wordfence:

  • Two-factor authentication
  • The Threat Defense Feed
  • Handy Malware detection
  • Whole Country IP blocking
  • Can scan for recent file changes
  • Can scans for code injection
  • Blocking of IP addresses
  • It has customisable alert functionality

WordPress Security Plug-ins are, by their very nature, very powerful. This means that you should exercise great care in both their implementation and use once activated.

Consider Managed WordPress security and secure hosting from the specialists such as the team at Security Audit Systems! A quick free chat could well be worthwhile, just ask any questions that you may have, it’s not rocket science after all!

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