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Why Marketing Through Channels Only Makes Sense After Automation?

Ever since the industrial revolution that happened almost three centuries ago, man has been continuously inventing new scientific principles and based on that, new technologies to facilate production and labor intensive processes. The intention is to automate anything and everything that is repetitive, continuous and boring, and focus more on the creative pursuits of human nature. This has vastly improved the quality of life we live now, than our ancestors led. The technological advancements and subsequent automation had some fallouts also, which is again another vast topic and we shall not be discussing it in this post.

It began with invention of mechanical machines that could harness the power of steam, and latter electricity, to yield results that were unthinkable by people of that era. Large scale industries were born and began spreading rapidly across Europe and then in America, giving rise to the age of industrial automation. However, these machines were dumb and needed human intervention every now and then. Fast forward to the present era, in any state-of-the-art factory involved in production or assembling, there are hardly any human beings participating in the processes. Industrial robots do the job relentlessly, thus replacing the fragile human involvement and the complexities that arises with real people. The result has been unprecedented improvement in quality, efficiency and profitability; no wonder, industrialists have never been more happier!

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The same concept of automation has been extended to all walks of businesses – legacy or internet-native. It is as clear as the daylight that internet has been the most profound phenomenon that has happened in the history of technological inventions. Probably, it has impacted the life of more people on earth than anything else since the advent of fire, either directly or indirectly. An enormous amount of man-hours have been invested in developing technologies on the internet platform that are shaping the face of today’s businesses. Today, no company under the sun can afford to ignore the internet space and its relationship with the common masses.

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It is quite natural that if businesses are affected by the internet, so will be their marketing strategies. For any business, marketing and sales are the bread earners. If they are not top notch, then no matter how noble the other things a company does, it is of very little value. Realizing this paradigm shift, businesses and their marketing departments across the globe have been putting effort on crafting a model that will help them tackle the myriad, highly influential and efficient, but ever-changing turf of the internet. The focus has been achieving efficiency and better control through-channel marketing automation, because that is one of the sensible ways of dealing with the uncertainties that the internet brings with it.

Cutting edge software tools have been developed to give new directions to marketing strategies through-channel marketing automation, since most businesses spend a majority of their marketing budgets on developing, nurturing and monitoring the activities of channel partners. It would only be an wise approach for the business leaders to experience the power of automation and the associated value that these software can bring to their companies, since the other option of being left behind by their competitors does not look very lucrative!

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