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What to do before purchasing a used iPhone, iPad or iPod?

Use of smart phones is quite common in today’s world, but due to the sky high prices of iPod, iPad, and iPhone people are not able to purchase a brand new one. Thus, many people opt for purchasing the used ones. If you are one of them, then ensure that all the settings as well as details of the previous owner have been deleted and the phone is being restored to the default settings. Many a times the owner sets iCloud Activation Lock, which should be disabled by the seller at the time of sale. But as a buyer you must check that the lock is disabled. You can dial *#006# for checking whether the lock is active or disabled. In addition, also ensure that find iPhone setting is also turned off so that the mobile can be available for the new user. In case the lock and other settings are not disabled, you may face problem in using the phone, thus it is advisable to check all the settings such as screen lock, and other passwords have been disabled.

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Activate after purchases

After purchasing the used iPod, iPad, and iPhone you can again activate icloud lock iphone 6, lock screen, find phone settings etc. for ensuring the security of your phone. You may think that you may use the settings of the old user, but remember that if you will use the pre activated settings then the passwords etc. will belong to the old user which you might not even know. In addition the Apple id and password of the previous user will be required for using various applications or downloading them, this will be the issue for you in the future. Thus, ensure that no setting, id or password of the previous user is required for accessing anything.

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