What Are The Best Practices of A Digital Marketing Agency?

A successful digital marketing agency builds a foundation by having efficient and informative client onboarding. Agencies have to juggle tasks of making sure that the livelihood of their clients is afloat, maintaining their own business, and looking for further clientele. Here are the best practices of a digital marketing agency:

  • Get to know your customer

A good way to build a good relationship you’re your client is by showing them that you have done your homework and you know them and their business niche. Before you start their onboarding process, get to know them by at least researching about their team and their business. Know who the key contacts are within the client organization, and search for them out on social. This is so you can get a better understanding on how they are using social media for their brand and personally. Look for the business’ strengths, skills, experiences, and weaknesses, so you can assess how much training and work will be needed as they come on board.

  • Nurture client relationships

Once you already have an idea about them and their business, nurture that relationship by engaging with your client team on social media. If they use Twitter or LinkedIn to promote their business, make sure you are also there to support their existing strategy. You can also add comments on their posts or share their recent blog posts once in a while. This is a good way to kick start the projects and it highlights that you use social media properly and knows how to leverage on it to build relationships.

  • Encourage your team to do the same

The practices mentioned above does not only apply to one team member but to the rest of the staff who is part of the digital marketing agency. Everyone should be on the same page on how they can impress the client so doing not hope on a meeting with a new client without conducting a briefing your team regarding the project. This allows you to ensure that each team member knows his or her role. They will also have better understanding on how and what the goals and objectives are for the client. The first kickoff meeting with the client can make or break the relationship.

  • Organize the projects beforehand

Plan and document every part of the campaign and share it with the rest of the team. Impress your client by showing them a well-planned and well-thought off project. Make their first impression of you commendable. Don’t let any details be overlooked so they no longer have to raise too many questions during the meeting. You can also use online tools so you would not forget anything.

  • Establish feasible goals and expectations

Be sure you are 100% ready to face the client and present the project. Make sure the entire team has been briefed, the project system is ready, and you are certain that you will be able to deliver the highest quality service possible. Do not over commit to something that you know will be impossible to pull off just because you want to impress the client. If you still aren’t ready, it will be best to delay the meeting than go unprepared.

  • Select the right tools for the project

Make sure that every tool you will use is ready so you can start the project the moment your client gives you a go signal. You can even prepare back up tools for everyone’s peace of mind.

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