Walk Behind Scrubber Driers: A cost-efficient solution to your commercial floor cleaning needs

Scrubber driers are professional cleaning tools that are used in commercial and industrial premises where traditional floor cleaning solutions (such as sweeping or mopping) are not practical. One of the reasons why scrubbers are a popular choice among business owners is because they allow you to achieve polished and professional results with minimal effort.


How and where are scrubber driers used?

This type of cleaning equipment has been specifically designed to withstand frequent use and to offer top-notch results in tough industrial environments or in commercial areas that endure a heavy footfall. This means they are particularly well suited to areas like showrooms, factories, and warehouses, to mention just a few of the most common applications.

Walk behind scrubber driers are battery powered, and therefore offer increased mobility in medium-sized areas, as there are no wires to contend with. These machines are suited to all floor types, from stone to concrete and including vinyl or non-slip safety floors. Scrubber units are perfectly equipped to reach corners and awkward spaces quickly and easily, as they are complemented by a range of cleaning accessories, which include detachable and interchangeable brush heads and pad systems that greatly enhance the functionality of these powerful pieces of equipment.

Small areas can also benefit from the use of a scrubber drier. Compact units (such as the MicroMag Compact Scrubber Drier) feature a solid but easy-to-use body and can yield up to 3 hours of continuous use with a single charge. There are also dedicated scrubber units for large areas and for premises where diamond floor polishing is required.

What are the benefits?

User friendliness, cost-efficiency, and a safer working environment are some of the key advantages involved in using a scrubber drier, but there’s more. Take a look at the full list of benefits:

  • Scrubber driers are easy to use irrespective of the floor type, material, or incline.
  • This equipment facilitates compliance with health and safety standards. Unlike mops and other traditional cleaning methods, walk behind scrubber driers do not put unnecessary strain on the operator’s arms or back. The fact that they come with a dedicated recovery tank also makes it easier to maintain a hygienic environment.
  • Scrubber driers are an environmentally friendly option, as they are designed to make efficient use of water and to reduce the amount of grey water generated by large-scale cleaning operations. Moreover, they reduce the need for harsh chemicals thanks to the powerful action of their mechanical brushes.
  • They deliver consistent results and heavy duty performance.
  • They are a great way of making efficient use of time and resources.
  • Scrubber driers are a cost-efficient solution, as their operating costs are virtually fixed. Although some business owners may choose to invest in purchasing a scrubber drier, hiring them is becoming an increasingly popular option. Hiring a scrubber unit requires no initial investment, offers immediate availability, and flexi-hire options mean that business owners can keep their costs under control. Moreover, the top scrubber hire companies will offer maintenance, insurance, and operator training as part of the monthly rental fee.

It’s clear that scrubber drier units are a smart floor cleaning solution for modern businesses. At Elan we have been supplying UK businesses with professional scrubber units for more than 2 decades. Our equipment is available for hire on flexible terms and we have a wide selection of scrubber units available (from the popular MicroMag Compact Scrubber Drier to large industrial units). If you are ready to modernise your cleaning and housekeeping operations, Elan is ready to help.

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