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Use Windscribe to Enjoy Secure Uncensored Internet

The internet allows any individual who has a capable device, to access the world wide web which is an information space filled with web resources. More commonly, we know this as the simple act of opening up an internet browser and searching for what we want on a mobile device or personal computer. This could be videos, images, resource information, or services. With every search that we do however, we are tracked by our internet service provider, by beacons and trackers, by targeted advertisements, and even by our governments. This means that your movements can be seen, they can be taken advantage of and your privacy isn’t safe.

Plus, although the world wide web can be accessed by anyone, there are portions that are censored. Ever wanted to watch your favourite television show but couldn’t because it is geo-locked? That is censorship. Ever wanted to access a website in China, Japan, Singapore, France, Norway, Sweden, or Russia but couldn’t? It is because of censorship. However, there is an easy way to get around censorship while maintaining a large portion of your privacy online. It is called Windscribe and it provides you with a full virtual private network(VPN), a firewall system so your home IP address is not exposed in case of a disconnection, and an ad and tracker blocker.


Why Use Windscribe to Unblock Websites and BrowsePrivately?

In most cases, a lot of individuals will look for a way to privately browse the internet because they either don’t want their spouses, friends, or family to see what they are looking at, or because they simply just want to feel secure in what they access: namely censored websites. Your right to privacy is what matters here and Windscribe allows you to have it. You will get complete access to the internet. Any blocked website you want to use, you can with Windscribe. You will be able to connect to any location and appear as if you live in that country. This will allow you to access blocked websites that are normally protected through censorship. What makes Windscribe services standout is that it provides you with more than just a way to unblock websites. It gives you a way to protect yourself and the capability to enjoy the internet how it was meant to be enjoyed. Plus, you can use Windscribe for free!

How to unblock websites with Windscribe

The browser extension provides you with a light virtual private network that will send all of your traffic through Windscribe’sservers, so your IP will be hidden. This allows you to search and browse without having to reveal your IP address or your geographic location. This means that you can choose whichever location you want to unblock and appear as if you live there.

Additional Benefits of Windscribe

By using the desktop application as well as the browser extension in combination with one another, you can also reduce your exposure to the following:

  • Targeted advertising,
  • Surveillance by either your ISP, Government, or Network Administrator,
  • Viruses or Malware from unsecure public internet hotspots,
  • Exposure of your own IP address.

The browser extension is also an adand  tracker blocker. This means that if you want to take your privacy a step further when using your internet browser, you can block targeted advertising, take away all social trackers (Facebook Like Button), and remove all trackers from websites. This allows you to securely browse the internet without worrying about having all of your movements tracked and monitored.

Finally, the desktop application provides you with a full VPN tunnel which protects your computer activity from your internet service provider. This means that applications such as Skype, Steam, e-mail and so on are blocked from your ISP’s prying eyes. Plus, the desktop application has a built in firewall which helps to keep your IP address safe from exposure in case your connection is lost.

If all of this sounds great, head over to and create your free account!

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