Understanding Wealth Management and Its Importance

Wealth management refers to a high-level of professional service that helps an individual or a business in managing his finances, taxes, retirement plans, legal matters, and assets such as properties. More often than not, businesses and individuals hire professionals known as ‘wealth managers’ who are highly-qualified and experienced in such matters.  Most clients work with a single wealth manager who organizes input from financial specialists and can contain synchronizing advice from the client’s own solicitor, accountants and insurance agents. Some wealth managers may also offer banking and humanitarian activities related services. Charles Whitman, popularly known as Chuck Whitman, is one of the founders of such a company, Infinium Capital Management, LLC, which is known to be one of the most consistent, top level wealth management establishments in the US.


Why should you hire only a single wealth manager?

Wealth management planning is more than just investment assistance, as it can incorporate all aspects of an establishment’s or an individual’s financial life. The motive is to benefit from a single manager who coordinates and manages all the different aspects of services needed to plan and manage your wealth and take care of your personal as well as your professional future needs rather than investing in hiring a bunch of professionals and being lost in the series of multiple suggestions and advice. Also, it saves time and money to hire a single yet highly regarded and endorsed wealth manager.

Amongst various other achievements, rewards, and recognition, Chuck Whitman is also renowned as a well-established investment advisor who has a reputable record of assisting several individuals and establishments to grow by strategic investments. Furthermore, Chuck Whitman is a longstanding member of the Chicago Board of Trade and is closely associated with several notable stock exchange and asset management societies such as Minneapolis Grain-Exchange, Mercantile Association, and Chicago’s Board of Options Exchange.

How is Wealth Management different from Investment Management?

In simple terms, wealth management is a whole package of services such as market analysis and asset management classes, wealth planning and management, premeditated asset distribution and portfolio creation, and recording and maintenance of assets, etc. offered to high-net-worth individuals. Normally, for such prosperous individuals, this means personal face-to-face counseling led services with a resilient digital platform and knowledge behind it that could take care of the client’s personal and professional wealth-related matters to create a long-term plan. Usually, wealth management at this level encompasses a high degree of intricacy for companies.

More often than not, a team of wealth managers work together to create and provide customized solutions to the client. Infinium Capital Management, under the supervision of Chuck Whitman, is known as one of the most genuine and reliable Wealth Management firms in Chicago.On the other hand, investment management can be described as a more precise skill of handling a portfolio of wealth, various kinds of investments such as stocks, funds, and private equity or other such commodities. Investment management simply emphasizes on making the best profits keeping in mind an adequate risk factor.

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