Reputation management

Understanding The Scope Of Reputation Management

Reputation management is all about managing the perception of people towards a product or personality by controlling the resources exposed to users. As a part of activities entailing the managing of reputation, the concerned authorities may even filter the searches or sometimes may remove the news-piece or report completely from the web, thereby restricting the number of user commenting on them.

Reputation-Management service

So, the scope of online reputation management is broadly confined to:

  • Monitoring the activities that directly or indirectly affect the reputation of product, service or personality. It keeps an eye on all the online reports and stories revolving around the client and gauges their effect on overall reputation of the entity in question. Many a times, this proactive approach allows the managers to sabotage the malign intentions of the people who resort to web for venting out the frustration, thereby damaging the credibility of the client to irreparable extent.
  • Identifying and curbing the damaging web reports, news, opinions or reviews. The brands cannot afford to allow all the platforms to display bad content about them. Therefore, people engaged in managing reputation finds the strategic effect of the reports by keeping tab on complaint sites, thus helping the brand to develop social media campaign that well addresses all the concerning issues related to brand image.
  • Adopting truly aggressive approach for curbing the effect of negative publicity. Managers can go as far as damaging the search results so that the consumers are not able to reach the complaint sites or negative results while making an enquiry on search engine. Thus, they use variety of tools that divert the attention when something nastier about the brand gets posted over the web.

What used to be called as public relations before, therefore, has now become a more organized, planned and impactful activity.

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