ultrasound technicians

Ultrasound Technician Job Description

In the medical field, many job descriptions are changing including the ultrasound technician job description. Although their jobs have stayed the same, besides the integration of the newest technologies they use, the expectations from medical practitioners from patients are changing.

ultrasound technicians

Rather than being neutral, unbiased, and keeping an emotional distance from the patients, patients are demanding more and more to have a relationship with their doctors and specialists. This can especially be seen in carrying women and mothers to be. Once upon a time, ultrasound technicians were responsible for specializing in the understanding and executing using medical sonography equipment. From the information and observations demonstrated in the sonography, ultrasound technicians can draw conclusions on what is happening inside the uterus and stomach area. For the most part, ultrasounds are used to determine the health and gender of the baby-to-be of a pregnant woman. By using a device called the transducer that collects sound waves through the human fresh, the ultrasound technician can see images.

Unfortunately, ultrasound technicians are put in situations that require them to be especially emotional. No matter what the sonogram says, the ultrasound technician needs to deliver the news to the mother and her partner which can mean delivering bad or terrible news. Often times, when a women is pregnant, the child-to-be because not only a part of her physically, but mentally and emotionally as well. In other words, they become attached to something that isn’t even alive yet. At the time of a first ultrasound, the fetus is barely developing and is arguably still a thought. As the process moves along, the ultrasound technician is responsible for giving updates and even performing certain tests to ensure the health of the mother and child. Some forms of bad news that the ultrasound technician can be responsible for giving is that the child is defected and has body deformation or limbs missing, that the child is missing a chromosome which can lead to mental retardation, and if there are many children which in some cases is bad news.

The ultrasound technician job description has changed in the sense that ultrasound technicians needs to be more compassionate. Their deliverables have not changed but the populations’s demand has. Women are looking to build relationship with their doctors because they are considering their matters to be more and more personal.

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