Ultimate package of $29.99 of LifeLock for superior Identity protection

LifeLocks ultimate package $29.99 has much greater benefits to provide. If you are a businessman or has much reputation then this package is just what you need. Once you have opted identity theft protection of $29.99 then all you can do is relax and don’t have to worry about your identity being stolen. There are various features that are only provided when you take this Ultimate service.

Here are some of the services that are covered under this package.

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Activity Alerts for Investment Account

If there is any transfer of balances made or withdrawals from investment accounts of yours then LifeLock alerts you. There can be many fraud activities which can happen for taken an amount without your notice. These amount transactions take time and within this time LifeLock monitors the transactions.

Takeover Alerts for Bank Accounts

By using your identity a new account can be opened in your name even without your knowing. This results in duplicate identity which can take over your current account. All these things happen without your knowing and then a huge amount is taken out of your bank account. LifeLock keeps monitoring for all the duplicate accounts and keeps you safe.

Annual Credit Scores and reports

You can easily check your credit scores from 3 different credit bureaus. If there is any change in your credits then you are informed. This also benefits to check for all the changes made in your credit for the past year.

Alerts for Credit Inquiry

There will be few of the people who will be checking for information about your identity. For this, they would also like to know what your credit score is is and how it is fluctuating. If any of this happens then an alert is sent to your number.

Monitors for File Sharing

LifeLock keeps keep on monitoring if there is any file is shared regarding your name, age or social security number. These are all personal information about you which can be easily used against your will. With just these things any fraudulent act can be performed without a person even having a hint.

Registry Reports for Sex Offenders

LifeLock monitors your personal information over various Sex Offending sites to check if your name is not listed there. If your name gets listed then your credit goes down which will decrease your reputation. A notification is sent if any Sex Offending activity is founded in your name.

Replacement for stolen funds

While you are under LifeLocks identity theft protection and your identity is taken then you are given loss refund of $1 million dollars. This includes all the losses which occur from bank withdrawals to income tax return frauds which are filed under your name.

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