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In recent years, travel planning is slowing shifting from the domain of experts to a new and vibrant breed of travelers who are recording the experiences on their travels in the print, internet and electronic media. Moreover, many prominent figures in the travel and hospitality business expect this trend to continue in future.


Lisa Dudzik  of Perth helps people with their travel plans. With the advent of the digital age, the internet has become the most valuable tools as more people making their travel bookings or researching new exotic vocation spots online. While many ardent travelers still consider guidebooks to be an excellent resource for taking vocations on the road, it is quickly becoming obsolete. This is because the new breed of travelers and travel agencies are constantly updating their websites on the internet with new and more accurate exotic tourist destinations around the world. People rely on Lisa Dudzik Perth to get valuable information of destinations and the right sources to tap before traveling.

Locals in a particular area along with travelers are updating user-generated sites like the moment new and unique restaurants, eateries and bar open up in a particular destination. These sites are even allowing travelers and holidaymakers to give their votes and comments on the quality of food, beverages and services that these restaurants, bars and eateries provide. Many of these booking sites rely on the reviews of travelers to such places along with the services like Twitter that provide instant broadcast of what travelers in such areas experience. With the availability of such resources, online travel planning is fast becoming the first choice among travelers and holidaymakers alike. Some of the sought-after online travel sites that travelers prefer are:

  • org is one of the most popular travel websites on the internet. The website contains necessary up-to-date information that a traveler can search by the location of destination as a key.
  • The Thorn Tree travel forums is a site that Lonely Planet maintains and contains comments and experiences from thousands of travelers who have visited exotic tourist destinations in various parts of the world using this website.
  • com is a prominent website that gives information on affordable airfares and covers all the major airlines around the world. A traveler can easily find the best price airfare according to his/her travel preference along with the website of the carrier from where he/she can easily book a flight.
  • com contains valuable information on most affordable accommodations around the world that meet the budget of every traveler.
  • org is an ideal website to assist travelers to secure free accommodation and connect with locals in a particular tourist destination.

The user-generated content in many of these travel websites is a determining factor for many travelers today. This is because people are relying on then reviews that other travelers post on these websites rather than the reviews of guidebooks, which are paid. Visiting prominent cities such as London or Buenos Aires or Delhi with a guidebook published six months ago against, where travelers are constantly updating its contents is like day and night. The internet is replacing the old techniques of travel planning in many ways.  As a greater number of people gain access to the internet, even remote tourist destinations can have locals that disperse the misconception of travel in their hometowns. People that have consulted Lisa Dudzik Perth say she is friendly and has sound knowledge and information on traveling across the world!

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