The Worldwide Association of Female Professionals

The Worldwide Association of Female Professionals is an international business network for women. Networking in the current era requires a clear and concise approach. A specialist network such as WAoFP ensures quality connections, as they screen all other members beforehand. As opposed to free social networking platforms, the members on the Worldwide Association of Female Professionals all mean business and are proactive in their efforts to expand their network. Every member has the opportunity to customize their profiles, add profile photos, qualifications, employment history, educational qualifications and other relevant details. Completing the profile as specifically as possible ensures the best quality introductions to other members, from the same fields of business.

WaoFP sets itself apart by being a women-only member’s network. This let’s accomplished women who are each leaders in their fields of work develop new connections with other, like-minded women. Members have reported being very satisfied with the connections that they have formed courtesy of the Worldwide Association of Female Professionals. New business leads, clients, job offers, career advancements and even friendships that last a lifetime are some of the things that members have reported.

The network carefully selects some esteemed members every year to be listed as “Featured Members”.


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