The Strangest Laws of Las Vegas

In Nevada’s ‘Sin City’ some sins are… pretty tame

We are all familiar with the silly, outdated, and seemingly unenforceable laws that many states and towns in the United States have in their law books. For example, in New York, it’s illegal to get together with some buddies of yours while wearing masks, or anything that hides your identity. You can do it alone of course, but add a friend and that’s considered a no-go. Sorry kids, it looks like trick or treating during Halloween this year will have to be canceled – or if you insist on going out, be sure you have your best pair of running shoes on! Or in Carmel, California you better have your fashion sense in perfect working order because men can’t go out in public if their jacket and pants aren’t matching. They simply have higher standards in Carmel. Looking at you, navy blue jacket with khakis!

However, in Las Vegas, otherwise known as ‘Sin City,’ the seemingly harmless can technically land you in some trouble. So while you’re busy gambling, drinking paying off your payday loans in Las Vegas, Nevada, or partaking in any other sort of night-life activity in this self-proclaimed ‘Entertainment Capital of the World,’ you should be wary of some of these local and state laws.


Welcome to Nevada!

Before traveling to Vegas itself, when entering the state of Nevada, you would best be careful to not take your camel on the highway. Not only is it unsafe for your two-humped friend, but it is considered a crime in all of Nevada. It’s best to leave your lovable desert sidekick at home for the time being unless you plan on traipsing along a city street; that’s perfectly legal! But make sure to keep your license and camel registration handy, just in case you’re feeling the urge to speed through town.

Another strange Nevada State law allows residents to take up the mantle of justice! Well, when it comes to dogs. If someone shoots your beloved canine companion on your property in Nevada, you are well within your legal right to hang them in retaliation. Yes, vigilante justice against this form of animal cruelty is perfectly acceptable. Dog haters beware.

But, as we journey into the ‘City of Lights’ that is Las Vegas, we find the obscure city laws become increasingly laughable and well, plain stupid. From banned objects to crazy traffic laws – Vegas has it all, baby!

Vegas Traffic Laws & You

I hope you’re not planning on driving on those well-paved roads on your night out on the town. From a very antiquated ordinance to reduce noise pollution, driving an automobile within the city limits is considered illegal. This law stemmed from citizens worried that these new contraptions called ‘cars’ would disturb their horses and cause too many accidents. It wasn’t a chance they were willing to take. Of course, enforcing this today would be a heavy burden to bear for local police officers, so it seems they’ll continue turning a blind eye to this type of activity.

While you are illegally driving your car around the Las Vegas strip, be sure not to get into any minor accidents along the way. That minor fender-bender you get in wouldn’t garner much attention from police. Due to the congestion in the city streets, unless the accident has caused any significant injuries or roadblocks, police officers will not respond to any minor traffic collision. You’re on your own here!

No Smoking, No Littering, No Hula Hoops?

There are a few of the usual suspects banned in Las Vegas; public smoking, littering, feeding the pigeons, etc. But, despite being allowed to gamble, drink in public and wonder what do you need for a payday loan, some things in Vegas are considered taboo.

We all love street performers; the man that looks like a statue, the sad mime, the scruffy guitar player busking on the corner. But some performers were getting a bit too big for the pavement and causing issues with pedestrians. Performers who’re acts relied on the use of hula hoops, unfortunately, were banned from using their primary tool in the streets of Las Vegas. They were cited as causing congestion issues in the crowded sidewalks.

But hula hoopers rejoice! In 2010, the ban was officially ended after protests and rallies organized by local hula hooping communities demonstrated outside of City Hall. Thankfully, these hula hoopers can continue spinning it up on the streets of Las Vegas.

Two rather loud items have made it to the ban list as well. In certain areas of Las Vegas, it is illegal to use megaphones without proper licensing. If you find yourself entertaining a large crowd and can’t quite get the volume you need, then you better make sure you’re legally licensed to amplify to your heart’s content.

If you plan on taking your beloved vuvuzela to your next scheduled UFC bout, you might want to rethink that decision. After the World Cup in 2010, the vuvuzela took off in pop-culture popularity. However, channeling the spirit of this famous soccer event is strictly prohibited at the MGM Grand Garden Arena. UFC President Dana White even stated, “Vuvuzelas make a horrific sound, ” and he’d “rather get a punch in the face than hear 15,000 people blow on those things.”That poor, misunderstood horn.

These weird laws never cease to amuse us. All across the United States and beyond you can find old and outdated laws that just won’t go away. It goes to show how little is redacted from our law books as time goes on and our nation evolves. Some of these strange laws are recent as well; it makes us wonder what’s in store for the future? Will certain technologies be banned from public streets in our cities and towns? We’re already seeing a rise in legislation banning Hoverboards in New York City subways, trains, and busses, and other metropolitan areas are taking action too.

Seemingly innocent gadgets, apparently legal acts, and good natured fun may sometimes be seen as a nuisance. Thus, we gain these strange, dumb laws that we all eventually forget about.

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