The search for comfy, designer boxer shorts ends here

Slam Batman patterns in green, a Caribbean red fantasy, Classic Superman in blue? Yes, they are names of designer Comfortable boxer shorts for men unless you wish to opt for the single shaded half-printed Prawn Star or Apna Haath.

Some people may wonder why such a riot of colours for men’s wear! We live through changing times when browns, greys and blacks are no longer considered the man’s world. An ocean of fantasy in vibrant colour has opened up for men too, whether for shirts and ties, coats and socks, even sunglasses! Why ever not? The male of the species in the bird and animal kingdom is richly decorated rather than the drab female like the peacocks and the lions.


The term boxer originated in the boxing ring in the early twentieth century and gradually became popular. Boxer shorts allowed easy movement for boxers punching away in the ring. Though a variety of men’s underwear exist nowadays like the trunk, the brief and the thong, nothing is remotely as comfortable as boxer shorts. The boxer brief is smaller and figure hugging while boxer shorts reach almost to the knee and flare out like skirts, providing lots of breathing space for the thighs. Whatever physical work you might be busy with, the shorts do not get in the way.

In a designer world, Comfortable boxer shorts for men have come to stay and are available online in hundreds of patterns. Wear them as inners too, and they would be better than the smaller-sized underwear in cold climates. Use them for walking and jogging stints and for other workouts like yoga, meditation and cycling.

What material were you thinking of? Boxer shorts are most often made in cotton, but could also use silk and satin, all very cosy. The elastic waistband sits rather high on the waist and thus is easier to manage than the belt that would be constantly adjusted in the half pant that it resembles. Boxer shorts would be available with or without the fly according to convenience. While they cover most of the thigh, briefs would cover half or a third. Modesty is covered too by the shorts in traditional worlds.

Boxer shorts tally with our cheery, laid-back lifestyle without restrictions. Other inner clothing for men may be constrictive and do not allow free movement of the limbs though some guys may prefer the more daring tiny figure-hugging thong or g-string. Make boxer shorts your way of life and choose from a rich variety.

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