The Role of Furniture to Speed up Efficiency of a Medical Facility

Efficiency is all that counts. However, in a medical facility, this cannot be achieved just by hiring services of veteran healthcare professionals or experienced caregivers and with latest mechanisms. If your healthcare facility is still equipped with traditional clinician’s workstations, storage systems or caregivers are helping patients to move by hand, than the time has come to think bit differently.

These days, patients are more concern about standard of facilities where they can expect maximum ease and best care with efficient physicians, clinicians and nurses. Based in Michigan, USA, Steelcase is one of the traditionally recognized furniture manufacturing brand that specializes in across-the-board office furnishings solutions, designed considering the need-based requirements of Healthcare, Corporate, Educational and Governmental offices. Robert Lau is, at present, the Director Sales of Steelcase and the key focus area of Robert Lau Steelcase is developing Steelcase’s furniture market in American and Canadian Healthcare segment.

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Subsequent to joining in Steelcase Health, Robert’s main intention was to reach the demanding areas in healthcare facilities. For example, during his market survey he became surprised to find many clinicsmake use of the conventional type of workstations that consume more space, make the floors cramped and hinder efficiency of clinicians. In the same way he found lot of areas that needed modernization. With his tireless efforts, research and initiation, Robert persuaded Steelcase management to bring forth newest product range that the market really demands.

As of today, Steelcase Health furnitureis designed for healthcare industries and these are particularly designed making them user-friendly for patients as well as physicians. According to Robert Lau healthcare facilities should have the kind of workplace environment that enables practitioners to perform more efficiently, with comfort and safety. Equipped with innovative workstations of Steelcase Health, clinicians can now interact with their co-workers, senior doctors or patients in more friendly way.

Some of these top demanding furniture items developed by Robert Lau SteelCase for healthcare industries include lounge chairs, adjustable patient’s bed, spacious workstations, movable chairs with changeable features other than ergonomically designed doctors’ chairs, examination chairs, and latest designed storage system and so on. For those who are interested to know more about Steelcase, can go through Steelcase’s corporate website where one can view wide-ranging  furniture items like swivel stools, reclining chairs, latest range of storage systems for surgical tools and equipments and more.

Robert Lau completed his bachelor degree in Business Administration from University of Cincinnati. He specialized in Finance and Marketing. He kicked off his career as the Vice President at HNI Corporation, an Indiana based producer for Paoli Furniture. After leaving HNI, in 2009, he joined Nurture by Steelcase as the Strategy Consultant of the group. In Nurture by Steelcase, he was responsible to collaborate with higher management for healthcare market research, channel sales development, business planning and delivery matters. In January 2004, Robert joined in the Board of Directors in Red Cross Society, Badger Chapter- Wisconsin. Apart from being a thriving business development personality with loads of activity programs in Steelcase, Robert Lau prefers involving in different philanthropic activities.

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