The Evolution of the Car Radio

When it comes to technology, things are constantly changing. The technology industry is fast-paced and requires innovation to stay competitive. Epsilon Electronics is an automotive audio tech company and they will be explaining how the car radio has evolved over the years.

Back to the start

They will start with the first car radios. The first commercial car radio, the  Motorola 5T71, came out in 1930. This was the first product to wear the Motorola label. This radio cost 130$, which is incredibly pricy for that time. To put things into perspective, the average cost of a new car was 670$. Having radios in the car was a debated topic at the time, the main reason being it could be a source of distraction.

The FM radio

In the 1950’s the first FM car radio was released. In the 1950’s, FM radio was still not popular but it eventually caught on. The first FM car radio was made by Blaupunkt, a German manufacturer of car audio technologies.


The Eight-Track

Next came the 8-track. This changed radio entirely. It gave listeners more freedom for what they want to listen to. They could buy their own 8-track tapes and listen to whole albums. Eventually, cassettes improved in quality and wiped out the 8-track.

The CD Player

In 1985, the first in-dash CD player came out. CDs had significantly better sound quality than cassettes did, and made the listening experience even better. People could skip songs instantly instead of rewinding.

Where are we now?

In 2016 we have several different ways to listen to music in our car. We could use satellite radio, AM/FM radio, plug in our own music through an auxiliary cord or even get satellite radio. In-car radio systems are becoming more and more advanced. For example, Epsilon Electronics sells head units that are touchscreen.

About Epsilon Electronics

Epsilon Electronics is an audio technology company located in Montebello, California. They have been in the industry for 30 years now and have the latest products in the audio world.

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