The best virtual Tour software solution

If you are searching for software solutions that would improve the productivity of your company, then the most important place where you should start looking is the marketing or sales departments, where a better efficiency would be able to drive interesting gains from a profitability point of view.


Also, the fact that those departments are always the ones that are the most conservative (at least in the real estate industry) then I could tell you for sure that there will not be any kind of possibility to fail – of course, if you are going to implement a modern software solution, that has a great look & feel, that has all the newest technological gimmicks and also has great features from a functionality point of view.

In our research for the most interesting software solutions that can be found in the Real Estate industry, and also in the industry related to presentations, tours, travel and some other where the visual can be a very important sales factor, then Tour Wizard qualified as the best software solution that can be implemented as a virtual tour creator, with the sole purpose of attracting more customers, to improve the look of the website and so on.

During our evaluation we tried a couple of other solutions as well, some of them pretty old, but not so advanced from a features point of view, while other solutions did not have all the marketing solutions integrated.

At the end of the day we have also realised the fact that all of those software solutions that are generating virtual tours – like the Tour Wizard – need to have a special ingredient in the user experience field, as it is way more important to have a software that can be straightforward and easy to use than a software solution that has all the features, but no one can properly understand how it really works.

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