The Best Engraved Products for Restaurants

There tends to be an overlap in the definitions of engraving, printing and etching; this article focuses on engraving with a nod of acknowledgement to other similar processes.

There’s an old saying, ‘first impressions count’, and, especially when it comes to promoting business, this remains a most pertinent observation. Restaurateurs’ especially should take heed; even before any food is served customers’ have already made a judgement as to the quality of service they are expecting; based upon the businesses’ appearance from the front door to the table.

One major step in business promotion has been the expansion of the promotional industry, in particular the development of laser engraving. This means that now virtually any material can be engraved; from crystal glass, leather and wood to marble, acrylic and even granite.


Remember ‘first impressions count’, therefore the number one best engraved product for your restaurant should be applied to the property’s signage; perhaps an engraved window or maybe a professional looking wooden sign. This could backed-up with ‘A’ Boards or even a window display with promotional offers.

Naturally the style of presentation will depend upon the market you intend to pursue; fast food restaurants will require a more ‘in your face’ approach than a restaurant targeting the cordon blue clientele.

Whatever your market, crisp, professional, stylish and informative presentation is an essential tool in the ‘branding’ of your business.Your business signage (name and logo) reflects the image and quality of the goods and services you offer, that image must now be constantly reinforced within the restaurant itself. Quality engraving will certainly help you here.

Engraved products can look very classy indeed and let’s not forget virtually any material can be used. Once you’ve stepped inside you’ll hopefully find the ambiance and layout to your liking and, hopefully, you’ll be greeted by smart friendly staff; and look! … There’s your company logo on every uniform and also on all thestaff’s engraved silver name badges. You get the idea.

So what specifically are the ‘Best Engraved Products for Restaurants’? Time to look at some ideas.

Remember that most materials can be engraved, you can substitute wood and slate for plastic and granite should you desire.

  • Menu covers or holders – engraved wooden covers are popular and stylish, although plastic may be more suitable for your high turnover business
  • Bespoke table numbers – a practical serving aid
  • Bespoke chalk boards – perhaps for daily specials; available in many sizes, from wall mounted to table top
  • Wooden serving utensils, platters, spoons, trays etc.
  • Engraved pens – an old favourite takeaway
  • Table accoutrements – from dispensers and holders for salt, pepper and vinegar to napkins, and even bespoke engraved cutlery
  • Placemats and coasters – probably one of the first items to draw the diner’s attention. Consider perhaps using engraved slate
  • Engraved mirror – always impressive and one to consider for the rest room
  • Glassware – upmarket but perhaps a little too extravagant and, shall we say, too … portable
  • Generally anything can be customised by printing, engraving or etching thereon; takeaway cups, carrier bags, sugar and salt sachets, door mats, receipts, business cards etc.

Naturally this list is not definitive, you will be limited only by your imagination.

To reiterate, engraving is an ideal means toward a marketing end; engraved products look professional and serve to reinforce your business image.

Consult your supplier for further advice and ideas.

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