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The best 5 metabo power tools you can buy on the market

One of the most renowned and well-loved branded ranges of products for sale here at SNAPCO are our wide selection of Metabo power tools. Unless you have used one of their power tools before you may be unaware of the wealth of benefits buying and using Metabo tools can bring to you and your industry. Below are just some of the reasons why you should buy Metabo power tools.

Quality Assured

Metabo are not a new name to the power tool market. In fact, they have been in the industry of manufacturing their power tools for more than seventy years. Their very brand is built on their products being made by professionals, for professionals, so you can be assured that the products that you buy are manufactured with you in mind. Their tools have been crafted with professional requests and requirements at the forefront of their design: when you have needed them, Metabo have delivered a product to give you their quality German engineering and assured quality guarantees to fulfil those needs. At SNAPCO, we believe Metabo power tools demonstrate the very best in the industry for quality, power, and dedication to the customer.

Variety at your Fingertips

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Metabo do not only manufacture one type of power tool. Their expertise is shown across a wide variety of different tools designed to appeal to your industrial requirements and the jobs that you need to be done. From angle grinders to chop saws, wrenches to drills, there is something to suit every professional’s needs in the Metabo power tool range. We even stock a range of Metabo batteries, site spotlights, and paint spray guns. Metabo are dedicated to being there for you every step of the way, and as such produce a number of great quality products we at SNAPCO think you will love as much as we do:

Metabo Angle Grinders – The Epitome of Angle Grinders

There is arguably no other manufacturer of angle grinders who produce industry-renowned products like Metabo. Metabo angle grinders are at the top of their range in the industry and you shouldn’t think twice before buying. Adored by many professionals for their quality and ability to produce on demanding jobs, Metabo angle grinders demonstrate the very best of the Metabo pedigree.

A prime example from the range is the Metabo WEPBA17-125 110v Angle Grinder. This small, compact angle grinder is the ideal tool for the professional who wants a product that is light, safe, and can pack a real punch.  With Metabo’s years of manufacturing expertise behind its’ design, this angle grinder features the very best that any professional would expect. A Metabo Marathon motor with added patented dust protection give it a far longer life span compared to similar products on the market. With a paddle switch ergonomically integrated into the design, you have comfortable access to its power supply to make for easier control. Safety is a key feature of any Metabo angle grinder, and you can be reassured that with a disc brake that stops the slowing disc in 2 seconds, direct mechanic recoupling of the drive if the disc jams, and electronic overload protection, you can work in comfort and safety knowing your Metabo angle grinder will run as smoothly as you need it to.

Metabo High Torque Impact Wrench – High Impact, Great Value

Metabo continue to create power tools that redefine their type. One such tool that does this to a great degree is the Metabo SSW wrench. This is one tool that does it all. Whether you need a small screw job to be done or are dealing with concrete anchors, this Metabo power tool is the only tool that you need. This is because it is the world’s first high impact torque impact wrench with variable speeds. With 12 pre-set speed settings, you are able to use this tool in a much wider range of situations than others may allow. It is the perfect wrench for every job you need.

Metabo Reciprocating Saws – More Bite Guaranteed

We also stock Metabo’s own Powermaxx Recip saw, packed with two 10.8v 1.5Ah batteries. This power saw boasts a range of world firsts in its design and we are proud to offer it for sale to you. Light and able to be used with either one or both of your hands, this saw allows you to be able to use both jigsaw and reciprocating blades, a tool-free adjustable depth stop, and a variable speed trigger from 0 – 3100spm give use of this saw for multiple materials and jobs. This is your one-stop saw for all your cutting needs.

Metabo LiHD Batteries – Power, Redefined

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Looking for an upgrade to your current battery in your Metabo power tools? We at SNAPCO have the solution for you. Cordless power tools benefit from a strong, reliable battery, and Metabo do not forget about this in their product manufacturing. You can purchase new batteries direct from us and find the same Metabo guarantee behind each one.

The Metabo 18v LiHD battery is one of the most popular in the range due to its compatibility with multiple cordless power tools from Metabo. The run time of these batteries have increased by 87%, and have a power increase of 67% – making them more efficient and powerful than ever before. Requiring less charging furthers their service life further and means less maintenance for you. Metabo batteries allow you to use your compatible Metabo power tools at maximum power for far longer.

We also stock a range of batteries that include a charger and inlay to allow you to get the most out of your batteries for longer.

Your Jobs Completed with Metabo Power Tools

Metabo products guarantee that you will be able to finish the jobs your industry requires from them. With the full range, pedigree, and great prices available, there is no better reasoning for buying your first – or your next! – Metabo product with us today at SNAPCO. Contact us for any queries and we will get back to you as soon as possible to help find your perfect tools.

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