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Take Mot test and ensure the safety of others

Vehicles on road contribute a lot in the increasing statistics of the air pollution. But the use of vehicles cannot be restricted and hence MOT test is conducted at regular intervals for checking the exhaust emission by a car. The exhaust produces by some cars is more harmful and dangerous in comparison to other cars. In addition to checking the exhaust emission Mot Reading also ensure that the car is in proper condition.


Know more about Mot test

Vehicles on road not only harm its driver or the person sitting on it but it also harms other person on road and if the vehicle is not in proper condition then the chances of accidents increase to a great extent. Thus, Mot test ensures that the vehicle is safe to drive on road as well as meets the safety requirements of the law land. In Mots Reading a thorough inspection of vehicle is done which includes the following –

  • Inspection of controls of the vehicle that is handbrake, footbrake, horn, lights switches etc.
  • Inspection of exterior of vehicle that is wheels and tires, effectiveness of shock absorber, body condition etc.
  • Inspection of exhaust emission that is emission of carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, lambda etc.
  • Inspection of lights that is head lamp, side lamps, rear lamps etc.

In addition to the areas of inspection listed above, there are various other things which are inspected in Mot test such as area under bonnet and the vehicle etc. It is to be noted that Mot test is obligation in many states and in case you have not passed the Mot test your vehicle does not qualify to run on road. If you will use the vehicle without passing the Mot test then you might have to pay penalty as fine for the same.

Mot test generally lasts for twelve months, thus you are required to go for Mot test on annual basis. If you want to pass Mot in a single go then you must ensure the proper functioning of few of the parts of your car. Some of the areas to inspect are listed are listed below –

  • Check the functioning of the brakes of your car.
  • Check the condition of lights as well as ensure their functioning.
  • Check the condition of the outer body of the car.

If you want to pass the Mot test in a one go, then you must ensure that there are no faults in your car.

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