Software for evaluating earned value by a company

Deltek Cobra is basically software used by the companies to evaluate their earned value after the project implementation. This software analyzes the budget, real cost and future forecasts of the company’s balance sheet. It is a cost effective tool to determine the actual cost of the project and the rate of return after its implementation. Whether you are at professional or administrative level, this software would turn out to be a boon so that you smoothly overcome challenges.


In order to enhance the skills of your colleagues and employees the software company enables them to learn how to handle project costs without compromising on the quality of projects. This software is available on two platforms first is on job training and another one is webinar services. The management can suitably consider the service according to their needs.

Topics covered for training

The trainees learn about the project overview which comprises of product setups which is actually scheduling of project implementation. Product setup includes the calendar which includes the timely deadline for the implementation of a project. It also includes codes for acquiring resources for the project.

Then comes the project setup when the project is about to start and it covers integration of mechanism of project and covers the rates of actual cost of the implementation. The topics covered also include the project specifics and timely reporting about the project implementation.

In the last stage of the training, the trainees learn about the implementation of baseline management, forecast management and attributing status report. These are few steps involved during the training period to make them effective in the project management skills. The ease of business operation is achieved through the learning of this project. Usually trainees are trained on the webinar services at the actual project site so that they learn it more effectively.

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