What is Cloud Logistics?

loud Logistics is the idea of adopting the cloud paradigm to logistics that builds on existing logistics strategies, integrates and complements them with the objectives to overcome current limitations and, thus, to improve logistics performance in volatile, uncertain and complex environments.


Work Environment of

From the background of the website of the ever reliable clouds logistics site, which is blue, suggests that the work environment is great, also hard work and success are always promptly rewarded, and there’s a lot of internal promotion where the sky’s the limit. The Managers are not left out as they are also supportive.

The Brain’s behind USA Logistics Services

The minds behind USA logistics services are no other persons these top class individual which have made their marks in different endeavors of life

 Barrie Siegel, General Director

  • William Van Janssen (Ebay), William became a Board Member in the capacity of observer back in 2011. As a Vice President of Ebay Inc Corporate Strategy

Harry Morris, Vice President, Operation

  • Daniel Kurtz, Vice President Chief Technology Officer
  • Paul Vincent, Vice President, Product Management
  • Robert Villafane, Vice President, Finance· & Administration

Bradley Hartka, Vice President, Sales· & Customer Support

Perris Smith, the Vice President, Marketing· & Business Development.

Why choose usa cloud logistic services?

  • USA logistics services a reputable place/site for one of the world’s best clouding services which is located in one of the most updated technological Nation in the world. Some of the flashpoints that steps USA logistics services out amongst other competitors are fully detailed bellow:
  • Our Communication skills, is so improved that you don’t have itchesØ clouding with us and some of our newest employees may even have an C 2 outside perspective that hasn’t been heard before of our tremendous services.
  • USA logistics services has a fully automated Warehouse ManagementØ System (WMS) which is specifically designed for third party logistics industry. Uslogisticsservices also aids in increasing productivity, reliability, accuracy and responsiveness and also boost customer satisfaction by offering her clients secure clouding services as well as automated reporting. The Customer service/response is so AMAZING.

How our Clouding Services Work

  • Regular and express delivery: Our shipping agents provide deliveryØ on most regional addresses within 2 days for regular delivery and can also speed up the delivery.
  • We offer fast transportation and flexible terms.Ø
  • Flexible terms of international deliveryØ
  • Cargo delivery supportØ

USA Logistics Services also offer services to support exciting new sales channels like Co-financing platforms & Amazon, eBay and other sites.

 We always provide timely e-mail support for free. Support over phone during business hours is also free.

Best Clouding Software

  • USA Logistics Services software products will help you optimize andØ automate logistics and provide you with the tools you need to manage all of your operations with our powerful clouding software being at the core of everything we do.
  • Smart technology: Our application programming interface (API) hasØ a similar configuration and is available on a different domain, providing maximum capacity. Has a strong level of security.

Best Customer Services

Ever Our customer service specialists do their best to solve any problems you may have through dedicated services.

 Other services offered by our company includes our flexible monthly pricing which allows you to avoid being tied to long-term contracts, so you will be able 3 to refocus your business on your own free choice. Not also forgetting special services like the

  • On-demand logistics, Regular packaging, International transportation andØ a host of others.

How we do the Shipping

USA Logistics Services analysts and information panel, you’ll never have to worry about the location of your goods or customers. Detailed reports provide you will a general view of your delivery, so you’ll know exactly where you need to store the goods.

We automatically decide on the best option for transportation, maintenance and packaging in order to effectively deliver the goods to the destination.

We provide boxes with freely placed, unpackaged goods

  • We pack the goods into boxes
  • Basic packing is free
  • One tracking number per one box
  • One tracking number per one position.
  • We guarantee same-day shipment of each order
  • We guarantee 100% accuracy in shipment for each order
  • Each order shipment carried out by our company is covered by the USA Logistics Services warranty.

Benefits of ordering LARGE

  • USA Logistics Services automatically cuts your expenditure on order processing, along with the increasing volume.
  • You can save on wholesale, paying as for a single unpacked packaging Because we count pre-packed boxes as individual elements, regardless of how many items the box contains and marketing inserts cost only $0.25 per order. Shipwire automatically lowers your handling costs per order, as volume increases.

 How we receive payments for orders

USA Logistics Services accepts payments through PayPal, Visa, and MasterCard or transfer money directly from your bank account. Payment by credit card can 4 only be made from accounts that have 250 items or less. The prices for USA Logistics products are listed on the pricing webpage. You can start right now, no contracts signed.

What is shipment center and how it works? 

  • A Shipment Center is any place where you have the necessary supply ofØ goods can act as the Shipment Center. USA Logistics Services forwarding agencies are the Shipment Centers supported by our employees. Your Shipment Centers may be retail stores, offices, warehouses, garages or any other places you use to store goods.
  • USA Logistics Services always ships orders from the warehouse with 100%Ø If we make a mistake, we will forward your order for free, and give you discount for handling your goods. It’s that simple!


  • Us logistics services walks the walk. Great work life balance. Amazing coworkersØ that are passionate about their job and the organization. The Management also encourages growth and development.
  • No obligationsØ & No hassles. Both our platform and pricing evolves along with the development of your business.

 USA Logistics Services provides transparent pricing for transportation by 17 different carriers, so that you could get access to accurate and complete rate for each product you ship. Prices for incoming products.

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