Preparation Tips for JEE Mains

In this modern world, the competition has rooted itself in nearly every sector. May it be the business world, politics, economics, status, education, etc. for the new generation the most amount of competition, which is faced by them, is the education sector; moreover, education is very important for every single individual person of this planet. It not only helps to develop ourselves, but it also helps in the growth of the country. The board exams and then the competitive exams are the two main barricades for the students in India. It is a must for every student to clarify his board exams so that he or she can appear in the competitive exams.

Competitive Exams:

The good you perform in the competitive exam the more opportunities you get in your upcoming future. Also, the rankings and the performance helps the students to get admission in the desired good college. So being a student there is a lot of pressure in our minds, but if management is done from the starting of the scene then the results become very fruitful. Every student who is in the education stream is well known about the fact that he needs to qualify Board Exams and after that the Competitive Exams in order to get an entry in some good colleges.

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Preparation for Competitive Exams [JEE Mains]:

  1. After clearing your boards you well know the reality of your performance, but if in case if to still have any doubts in your mind then you can go for some online tools to know your performance in the JEE Mains. These tools are known JEE Main Rank Predictor. The JEE Main Rank Predictor helps you to calculate your future performance in the JEE Mains on the basis of the present results of the board exams.
  2. When you are well aware of the reality of you current statuses then you need to get started with your preparation part. But for those you need to achieve a good rank or who want to get amongst the top ranks in JEE Mains, their preparation work starts from 10th standard. This is because all the syllabus of the JEE Mains starts from class 10th.
  3. So you need to study well and clear your basic fundamentals from the beginning of 10th standard. This will help you to make a good base and help you to be prepared for the upcoming tough syllabus.
  4. If in case you have not done a good preparation in these two years then only the workload increases but still you can make it if you do the studies in a systematic manner.
  5. Start by making a well-defined studying schedule, this schedule should devote equal time to all subjects. When this time management is done then you hardly leave any of the things behind and gain full knowledge of the subjects.
  6. The study of the subjects should be started from the subjects of 10th and 12th standards. This will make your concepts crystal clear which is must to achieve success in the JEE Mains.
  7. When you have a defined timetable of your studying hours then you need to look at your dietary habits. You need to have a very healthy and clean diets so then you stay healthy and focused while preparation and even while giving the competitive exam.
  8. This healthy diet will keep you away from all the diseases and you can properly study for your exam, if in case you overlook this fact then you may become sick and lose plenty of precious time or even there are chances of becoming sick on the last day and then many students fail in appearing for the exam which results in again along waiting for the next year’s JEE Mains.
  9. You need to solve plenty of Mock test and last 4 years papers so that you well know the pattern of the paper and the type of questions that can be asked in the test. Moreover solving different test papers will make your speed increased and also you will get to know even more things that can come in the upcoming paper.
  10. Selection of the right and small questions is must, the JEE Main examination is a strict time bounded exam, so you need to solve the entire question in the limited time. Some students fail in doing so because they stuck up in the big and lengthy questions and wastes a lot of time, but you need to solve a maximum number of questions with the right answers. Even you should leave the questions which are totally unknown to you, because if in case you give a wrong answer then you will have a negative marking for it.

So these were some important tips of preparing for the JEE Mains, hope that it made the picture clear and helped you to get ahead with your preparation part.

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