Pertanyaanku Place to ask on the internet for Free


Search Engine is probably the greatest invention in the online world. Google Search Engine is one of the great addition to the online world. Google, Yahoo and Bing are known the three largest search engines today, where almost 80% of people prefer Google to search on any topic.

Today, search engines have every bit of information in their databases and people greatly benefited from their services. However, when it comes to getting answers to issues in quick time from people who are real, the search engine flaws in it. The best solution is provided by a question and answer site with an expert, such as Q & A website.

pro m provide the service free for everyone answers, ask questions on any topic, get answers from real people and help those who need the information. Q & A sites are interactive in nature; This social networking site with the aim to facilitate the users.

Children can ask questions about their homework. Professionals are free to ask questions about their professional difficulties. In short, everyone has the freedom to ask questions, vent their thoughts and feel good by helping others.

Yahoo Answers is known as the best Q & A website in the online world. It gets millions of visits every day where people are literally asking millions of questions. One question may receive some answers, and those who ask can choose the best answer to give credit to answering.

Yahoo Answers is certainly helping millions of people find answers to their questions. Google also started the Google Answers service was abandoned after some time. Excess that give accurate answers to those who ask.

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