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ORM Highlights Who to Watch Out For in Purchasing

ORM Los Angeles is a company that specializes in online reputation management. The innovative and ambitious company strives to ensure that their client’s online reputations are healthy and positive, having a positive monetary impact on the business, organization, or individual. The great thing about being a boutique agency is that ORM Los Angeles does not have to worry about purchasing, manufacturing, of distributing a product. They provide a virtual service.

Unfortunately for the companies that do, they have to deal with multiple users of the buying centre. The buying centre is all of the individuals and departments that participate in the business of purchasing decisions.

Nearly all service, manufacturing, and merchandising organizations will have at least three of the following individuals or departments participating in their business and purchasing.


  • Users: these are people of the buying centre that will use the product or service being sold. Often times, they are also the ones that do the purchasing and engage with the product or service prior to purchasing it.
  • Influencers: these are people that will provide specific and detailed information to the users to help them make a purchasing decision.
  • Buyers: these are the individuals that ORM Los Angeles frequently deals with. They are the ones that will understand that purchasing conditions, sometimes try to negotiate them down.
  • Deciders: these individuals have the most power and can also be influencers. They ultimately decide on the product, what brand, what service, and who will receive the business.
  • Gatekeepers: these people are similar to the controllers in a given situation. They decide how much information is put out to internal and external stakeholders. For example, ORM Los Angeles controls the information they release to the outside world. All client file are confidential even during their account procedures.

The buying centre is a complicated process that even service companies such as ORM Los Angeles have to deal with. By well managing these individual roles and department, a company can run efficiently and more effectively.

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