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ORM and Business Buyer Influences

Online Reputation Management Los Angeles is an online reputation management company that specializes in search engine optimization, reverse search engine optimization, and other specifics like fixing autocomplete results and removing reviews from Google. The innovative and ambitious company recently conducted research on the major influences on business purchasing behaviour. Although the research was inconclusive because their target market is so large with multiple niche markets, Online Reputation Management Los Angeles wants to highlight the four factors on purchasing behaviour besides the buyer themselves.

  • Environmental Factors: business buyers are easily influenced by the current economy and the loving economy; what it will be in the near future. Things that business buyers look at in the economy include demand, economic lookout, and the currencies or cost of money. Additionally, supply and the access to raw materials is a factor.
  • Organizational Factors: every purchasing organization has their personal objectives, ideas, methods, procedures, and the business manager of the organizational department has to know these factors inside an out. When simple questions arise that are either quantitative or qualitative, business representatives need to be organized with their facts.

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  • Interpersonal Factors: due to the many roles in the buying centre, interpersonal skills can be necessary when negotiating and when trying to influence other individuals or departments. Having god interpersonal skills can heavily influence consumer purchasing decisions. Online Reputation Management Los Angeles is a company that requires employees to have those interpersonal skills. More and more companies are offering similar services so the ambitious boutique agency needs to stand out with how they present their services. Interpersonal skills are necessary.
  • Individual Factors: during the buying process, the purchaser as well as the seller have their our ideas of how they want the deal to turn out. This can depend on demographics like age, income, gender, personality but also willingness to take risk, purchasing styles, and past experiences.

There four factors are to consider when understanding how individuals will purchase a good or service. Online Reputation Management understands well that they need to be the greatest influencer to ensure clientele. They need to make sure the client feels comfortable in the company’s environment, trusts the process and organization of the company, is comfortable and can connect with who they are working with, and has the need and/or want to for the service.

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