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Organic Search and Keywords – the Power of SEO

To master SEO, you need to understand the power of organic search, and the potential it has for your business.

To put it all in perspective for you; in 2015 we are rapidly approaching one billion websites (1,000,000,000) and every second of every day there are approximately 50,550 Google searches – That is over 180,000,000 searches per hour – and that figure is growing. These websites exist on any number of topics, and your business will want to be number one every time a relevant search is made.


In order for Internet users to negotiate through this sheer volume of information we use Search Engines. The ultimate goal of a Search Engine is to provide a searcher with a positive customer experience by providing the ideal result for their parameters. This means that the aim is to provide a helpful, high quality website that is known to be reliable and will deliver the best result to what a user wanted when they began their search.

Keywords are power. When it comes to a Search Engine, it is the keywords that are used to link the search parameters to the results and therefore the websites they display. They are the basis upon which the whole system of Search Engines works. But, as you can imagine, when you consider one billion websites, it can hardly be sufficient to simply ask ‘does the site contain the keyword searched for?’ The result would most likely be 10 million irrelevant websites and the internet would cease to function or provide any real, usable value. It is for this reason that Google and other search engines have developed algorithms to create a sophisticated, complex, and accurate means of not only distilling websites down to keywords and elements, but sorting what results should be at the top of the list presented to the searcher.

The exact algorithms that Search Engines use are a closely guarded secret, and updates constantly change the way that the algorithm functions, but it is simple enough to deduce the core principles and act accordingly. Some of these include the way in which a website is structured, the number and quality of links, what the content is and how well it is respected, and the way keywords are implemented.

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Because of the changing nature of this field, it is challenging to maintain a complete understanding of how the algorithms are changing and being implemented. Your best hope is often an SEO specialist business that will have not only a current understanding of how best to optimise your website, but would have had to adapt in the past, will be required to stay abreast of any changes and therefore can be prepare you for what may happen next.

As the CEO of Slingshot Internet Marketing (, I know the struggles that many people have when starting off the SEO. I myself ran a small business for a number of years and had to learn SEO from scratch and by a lot of trial and error.  So remember to start off strong and use the information that you know. Once you have built that foundation, learn as much as possible about SEO and be patient with the results. If you come to a stage when you are unsure, or want to set your business apart from the rest, then consider having a chat to an SEO professional

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