Online reputation management: Tama Cobra Double Pedal Power Glide

Online reputation services is being sought out by many different industries to help boost sales and awareness of their products. The company that is in need of search engine optimization is Tama. They came out with a newer version of their successful double bass pedal, the iron cobra series. The new one has elements of the new speed cobras as well but keeping the shorter footboard of the iron cobra.


ORM decided to focus on the specs of the pedals in order to attract the attention of potential buyers. They spoke about the power glide lite sprocket; it improves the pedal action and increases the pedals power and speed as it completes its stroke. Its also weighs 40% less compared to before, which makes it faster, and smoother to play. The pedal housing is made to put very little stress on the bearings to keep it as smooth as possible. Then there is the speedo ring, which eliminates the friction by replacing the old nylon cam. The ball bearing, which is built in, is what helps it keep its frictionless movement. With the added quick hook, it helps the drummer to quickly assemble the pedals out of the case without affecting its customs settings. The new and fascinating feature on this pedal is the swivel spring tight mechanism. This is new to any form of drum pedal in the market. Normally the spring is very tight and straight and cannot be moved around so easily. However, the swivel spring allows the spring to move sideways. This allows drummers to use other different playing styles without having to worry about loosing power and control when the spring is moved to the side a bit. Now it swivels to the side and retains its full spring tension for each stroke evenly. Another important key feature is the new beater. The way it is set up maximizes power without sacrificing speed or vice versa. Also, the sound the beater creates when struck against the bass drums sounds more thunderous yet clear. Lastly, the Para clamp 2 pro; this has be drastically changed to be clamped on to any bass drum on the market without damaging the bass drum itself.

ORM services focused on the specs in order to gain interest within the drummer community and are expecting word of mouth to spread the word at a faster pace. Even though they are the number ones selling double bass drum pedals, it doesn’t hurt to ensure its position.

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