Online calendars: innovative marketing mix strategy

The popularity of the online calendars is growing because it is the latest exciting channel for the marketers for the mix marketing strategies. These online calendars keep you connected with the important meetings, events and appointments. Publishers can use the online system ECAL to create calendars and produce widgets to place on facebook and websites. The customers can view these calendars and their subscription features. The dynamic calendar marketing aims to connect with the brands in the personal schedule of the customers.


Online calendar benefits

  • You can share online calendar everywhere in any time with the help of internet connection.
  • You can do outlook synchronization that manages to enable computer or mobile from any web while all the changes can be automatically mirrored. You can share your outlook calendar, task information, contacts with the groups.
  • You can view availability of participants, schedule event, invite attendees or view for the responses.

Features of online calendar

  • Permission based online calendars can control the sharing rights while depending upon your permission.
  • You can choose multiple calendar view such as monthly, weekly and daily. These can also perform printer friendly view.
  • Public online calendars are commonly dedicated to share with the non hyper members of the office.
  • You can easily synchronize the mobile calendar with the online calendar. These features will help you to maintain easy and convenient business progress.

The online calendars play a very important role in the platforms such as Google+, iPhone, twitter and face book. This advances you with the new updates and features that perform as a convenient bridge for the marketers. Marketers can effectively sync their important updates with important platforms. This modern based event organization has become more exciting with the marketing mix techniques and certain rise of the online calendars is really appreciable.

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