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Material handling systems – bucket elevators


The bucket elevator is a proven mechanism when it comes to conveying a large amount of diverse bulk materials. If you need to transport numerous materials from one area to another, bucket elevators will be an essential part of your operation.

Bucket elevators are mostly utilized in agricultural, commercial and mining operations. They are primarily used to move high volumes of material, transferring bulk volumes efficiently. One will find conveyor belts accompanying bucket elevators, as they work together as part of a larger job.

Types of Bucket Elevator

Belt Bucket Elevators

Belt bucket elevator was developed to enable maximum conveying powers with maximum center distances. High-capacity belt-typed bucket elevators are generally used to transport floury and small-sized bulk materials, such as concentrated ores, cement, raw meal, grits, sand, and the like.

Chain Bucket Elevators

Chain bucket elevator (chain elevator) is the ideal for the transportation of coarse-grained materials and hot bulk materials. Chain bucket elevators do the jobs traditional bucket elevators can’t, with regards to high conveying capacities and huge traveling distances.


The traditional chain bucket elevator was created with double-strand rounded steel links. They are typically used to carry coarse, highly abrasive items in low to medium-range quantities. Chain bucket elevators can also transport hot material in bulk.

High-capacity central-chain bucket elevators are mostly used to transport of granular, hot, and abrasive bulk material. Chain bucket elevators are also used to convey rough, hot, silo feed and in clinker milling systems, vertically.

Function of Bucket Elevators

The key function of the bucket elevator is to transport or elevate goods and materials from one area to another swiftly and efficiently. The buckets are attached to a chain or belt, which move once they are loaded with equipment. The contents of the bucket are moved from one place to another as the belt is in motion. The belt is either chain or friction-driven.

Basic Advantages of Bucket Elevators

  • Bucket elevators are dependable with minimum driving power. With the aid of elevators, goods and materials can be transported seamlessly and conveniently. With bucket elevators, goods or materials can be lifted to large heights. They are very reliable when it comes to various lifting capabilities.
  • These elevators can be used in various industries for different purposes. Bucket elevators possess a huge transporting capacity, and require minimal maintenance.
  • Modernized bucket elevators use rubber belts and plastic buckets for efficient functionality.

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