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Maple butter, a delicious and a healthy alternative!

For vegans, any dairy product is a big no. this is where people tend to look for alternatives which offer a buttery taste and texture. Maple butter is one such alternative. It is commonly known as maple spread or maple cream. There are two types of maple butter available in the market. The first kind is the maple butter made by mixing maple syrup with butter. However, this is not the conventional maple butter.

The real maple butter is made by heating the syrup to a temperature above the boiling point of water and then by cooling it to a certain extent with constant stirring. When the texture is smooth and silky, the butter is considered ready.

The maple butter is usually made from the maple sap extracted during the beginning of winter. The syrup is light in color and as per the grading, it is known as fancy or Grade A light amber syrup. Out of a gallon of the maple syrup boiled to make the maple butter, only 3 kilos of maple butter can be made. It bears a striking resemblance to peanut butter.

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Where can you get it from?

Maple butter is not difficult to procure. Quebec is the largest maple syrup producer and thus, there are many industries located in Quebec which ship the maple butter to different parts of the world. One such company is the maple syrup world which offers worldwide shipping. There are a few others like Maple Syrup Direct which too ships organic maple syrup to all parts of the world. Maple Syrup Direct is located in Canada where most of the commercial maple syrup production takes place. Whether it’s plain old maple butter or any other version of it, it will be delivered to your doorstep with a few extra bucks sent their way. All you have to think about is on what all you can smear that delicious maple butter and binge on it.

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