Make perfect Select through pampers size chart

People often face problems while looking at the different size of pampers and wonder to select perfect size for their little one. One can always make the best choice when they have guidelines of pampers size chart. The appropriate select of pamper makes your baby to feel comfortable and helps to contract and expand while comfortable on the skin. These products are available with skin protection with the protective dry layer that is advanced by top sheets that gives freedom for baby to play. Your baby can enjoy the cottony softness while the skin feels better and moisturized against the friction.


Pampers are present in the nine sizes, for the perfect selection you can note weight and age of the baby. Different babies of similar age group may vary with the weights. The categories of size chart are ideally ordered for new born babies. The proper classification of the weight is clearly done so that parents may find easy and quick selection.

  • Pampers size N is for new born infants weighting up to 4.5 kg.
  • Pampers size 1 is for newborns up to 3 months weighting 4-6 kg.
  • Pampers size 2 is for infants of about 2 to 6 months weighting 5-8 kg.
  • Pampers size 3 is for babies or toddler hood of about 2 years weighting 7-13 kg.
  • Pampers size 4 is for toddlers or preschoolers of about 1-3 years weighting 10-17 kg.
  • Pampers size 5 is for toddlers or preschoolers of about 2-4 years weighting above 12 kg.
  • Pampers size 6 is for preschoolers or school kids of 3-6 years weighting above 16 kg.
  • Pampers size 7 is for elementary school kids and large toddlers weighting above 19 kg.
  • Pampers size 8 is meant for children of age above 14 and weighting 26-39 kg.

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