Love and compassion is my Religion – a book that can help you to overcome life troubles

You must be well aware of this fact that alcohol addiction is affecting majority of youths nowadays. There is no one to control it and no one to stop it. Instead of focusing on carrier and studies, youths are involved in taking drugs and alcohol. This is not just affecting them and their career, but also affecting their parents. One such story of alcohol addiction and how the person can overcome it is written by the author Jane Zarse in her book “love and compassion is my religion”.


The story which is mentioned in the book “love and compassion is my religion” is the real life story of author Jane Zarse. In her book, she has shared all the experiences of her life. She was privileged and rich while she was young. She was having everything that a person desires to have. But her alcohol addiction had destroyed her life. She lost her family, her success, her money and almost everything. But God has not left her alone. The Almighty had taken her out from alcohol addiction and give her a new life. She has explored spirituality and the right path.

She has written her story in her book to give a lesson to everyone. Her story is influential. When you will read this book, you will feel spiritualism. You will realize the power of god. Only god can purify your mind, body and soul. “Love and compassion is my religion” is an amazing book and you should definitely read it. This story has changed the lives of so many readers. It will definitely show you the right path and keep you away from wrong things like drugs and alcohol. This book is available online at a very low price. You should immediately buy it before the stock gets finished. For More Information, Please Visit :

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