buy-a-car Review – Legit or Scam?

Are you looking for a method to make money online?

Are you interested in learning Internet Marketing, CPA, Online Advertising, Video Marketing, SEO and much more?  claims that it will teach you how to become a successful CPA Marketer.

With this review, we will have a closer look at the program and help you to decide if it is worth joining or not.

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What is LiteMoney all about? 

It is a training platform that teaches people how to become a successful internet marketer and how to build your own digital business with CPA.

Marketers usually divide CPA into Incentive and Non-Incentive CPA Marketing, you can learn both of them in the LiteMoney video-courses.

Besides video-courses, LiteMoney provide you 2-5 eBooks (depends on your membership), monthly ready-to-use landing pages, monthly niches, internet marketing articles, monthly fresh ebooks, access to a community and even personal coaching.

The Training Center talks about: 

  • How to choose a niche.
  • How to create a website.
  • How to create a promotional video.
  • How to optimize your promotional video.
  • How to rank your video on YouTube.
  • How to rank your video and website on Google.
  • Case Study, Maximization Advices.
  • Backlinks Building, Facebook Ads, Paid Traffic Sources.

The majority of training is in the video format with links in the description. 

Who does LiteMoney intend for? 

  • For people who want to earn money online full time or part time.
  • People who want to be successful as internet\CPA marketers or media buyers.
  • For those who wants to turn their knowledge or skill into a profitable websites\business.

What does it cost to join? 

From $19to $99 billed monthly 

(depending on a membership plan)

$1945 one-time payment for forever access.

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Luckily, there is nothing to cough up more of your money. NO UPSALES at all.


  • Lots of articles and trainings to help you become successful CPA Marketer.
  • Monthly updated services and tools (like landing pages, niches, fresh ebooks)
  • Advices\coaching from the founders and full time support.
  • Community Chat.
  • Discounts available.
  • Landing Page Builder.
  • Step-by-step HQ video-lessons.


  • The program lacks in advanced SEO training. However, I am sure as time pass by, they will add more training.
  • LiteMoneyElite Plan’s Price might look expensive for the beginners.
  • Landing Page Builder is only included in the Gold Plan.

The Verdict – Scam or Not? 

LiteMoney is absolutely not a scam and not another cheap product that promises the world without delivering. I personally know many members of LiteMoney, who have used every single tool in the platform and built passive income CPA business.

It was always hard to become a successful CPA Marketer and this platform helps people to avoid all the common pitfalls and failures when it comes to generating CPA profits.
This program works very well, and you won’t need to pay for anyupsales.

This is absolutely NOT a “get rich quick and retire on a beach” type of program. It takes hard work and complete dedication to get successful and earn a substantial amount of money.

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