Importance of Public Relations in Today’s Business World

Public Relations (PR), as the term suggests, is the art of maintaining a relationship with the public. Here, “public” may refer to the general masses as well as the media. PR is the method which helps organizations, firms and PR professionals to connect with the public and mass media. Some firms resort to hiring professionals such as Jonathan Disegi, a highly renowned Brand Strategy consultant, who has been helping innovate and transform his clients for almost 18 years, to perform such tasks.


Who handles PR and what is their job responsibility?

Professionals who handle matters related to Public Relations are categorized as PR specialists. Some firms call their PR specialists as PR executives while other may prefer to call them as PR officers. From a broader perspective, a career as a PR professional can be highly gratifying. Maintaining and improving a company’s or an individual’s image in the public will always be of prime importance to the concerned company or individual. Of course, without a good rapport and image in the market, it is impossible for them to gain customers or popularity. Therefore, more and more businesses seek the help of PR specialists due to the core nature of their profile as an image builder.

Here are some of the job responsibilities of a PR specialist:

  • The main role of a PR specialist is to be a mediator between the client and the public and media. The client can be a business, an NGO, or an individual. The specialist needs to ensure that every communication that they carry out reflects positively on the image and rapport of the client, thus, leading the client to develop strong bonds with their target market, existing employees, possible and existing investors, and other interest groups.
  • A PR professional is expected to make public appearances on behalf of their client and at times along with the client. Such public appearance may include press conferences, important events, or even a legal hearing.
  • A PR professional is also expected to write press releases and newsletters informing the public about the latest achievements and innovations in the client’s business.
  • If there is negative news about the client in the press, a PR specialist’s job is to make it go away quickly and efficiently and help their client retain their goodwill and reputation.

Most PR officials do more than just promoting the client’s image. Jonathan Disegi, an award-winning brand strategy specialist, has immense experience in the field of strategic planning as well as advertising, marketing, marketing communications, and digital strategy, amongst others, all of which are a part of Public Relations in one way or the other.

Public Relations and today’s business world

The business world today is all about cut-throat competition and winning the rat race. Everyone wants to stand out in the market and will do whatever it may take to create, maintain, and improve their reputation in the global market. A brand strategist like Jonathan Disegi can be very helpful to firms in establishing such reputation.

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