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How to Upgrade your Career in 2016

For 2016, there are several resolutions that you can implement into your professional career as a way to upgrade your professional development. Though it will take work on your behalf, the rewards for dedicated yourself to elevate your business stature are well worth the sacrifices.

Upgrading your Career: Learn to Unplug

This piece of advice is one that most people can use, no matter what type of career that they are currently in or looking to upgrade to. Learning to unplug is difficult for those who may have an addiction to social media, who have their smartphones always on their hip ready to answer the latest email or text message, and for those who spend a substantial amount of time online. However, it is these habits that could be jeopardising your business or managerial progress in 2016.

  1. Schedule times in which you will not answer emails, phone calls, text messages, or even look at your smartphone.
  2. Avoid social media during certain periods of the day. Usually it works best to avoid this during working hours for more reasons than just upgrading your career, as many businesses frown up social media use while at work.
  3. Utilise this unplugged time to connect with people on a more personal level. For example, making connections with people face to face or even using your lunch break as a way to relax and recharge for what you need to do next.


Learn to Network Better

Numerous people get where they are at in their career through their network connections. This is not referring to their connections via social media, but to those whom they meet at business and management conferences, meetings and the like. The impression that you make at these functions is going to be the one way that others remember you, thus you must learn what it takes to network better.

  1.  Look professional as many people make an opinion about someone as soon as they see them, even before they hear them speak.
  2. Introduce yourself with professionalism, address the person by their rightful title, and if you can do research prior to meet them, this is even better. You want to show that you know who they are, realise their importance and give them due credit for the hard work it took to get to their position.
  3. Exchange information with those whom you meet at these gatherings. Ensure that you have a professional business card that contains your contact information.
  4. Always be courteous when talking with someone, as you never know when this contact could become your route to an upgraded position within your career.

Others Tips for Upgrading your Career in 2016

There are several other tips that you can implement now to help you secure a better position within your given career. These include:

  • Learn how to accept criticism and make changes to prove that you can learn and adapt to situations
  • Consider having a mentor to look up to, as well as help advise on what you should be changing to become successful
  • Ensure that you have your goals for your career defined and clear, so that you always know what you are working towards
  • Continue to learn, as the more education and training you have, the more valuable you become to a company

Obtaining the career goals that you want for 2016 is something that you can achieve. It simply takes hard work and committing to your end goal.

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