How To Get More Instagram Followers

Social media has become the information tool of the new era, and Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are commonly regarded as the hottest trio when it comes to building their brands. But when it comes to photo and video sharing, Instagram is in fact the pick of the litter, with an audience size that you cannot afford to ignore.

Luckily, many of the strategies employed to make the most of the aforementioned ‘Holy Trinity’ of social media are also applicable when it comes to Instagram, meaning the building of followers and meaningful engagement with them and ensuring that when it comes to your competitors, it is YOU who is regarded as the stand-out Instagram force.

Below is a list critical strategies to help you get more Instagram followers:


1 – Networking

Thinking about how to get more Instagram followers is one thing, but turning those eyes and ears into the perception that you are an engaging market leader is quite another. So an awareness that you are part of a much larger playing field is crucial, so that once you have singled out the initially leading ‘influencers’ to engage with, those relationships start paying you back as they also tell their key audience about you.

2 – Grab attention

In a crowded marketplace, it is difficult to attract and then hold the attention of your audience. So give them something! One way to do this is by running a contest, and a really effective one has a double-benefit: ‘hashtagging’. Publish an image and ask your audience not only to ‘like’ it, but to enter a draw for a prize by also using your preferred hashtag. Not only will you keep your audience engaged, you will build awareness. It is strategies like this that Signal Tribe is constantly dreaming up to fully engage the power of Instagram for your business.

3 – ‘Hashtagging’

By the same token, Signal Tribe knows that when it comes to hashtags, businesses can be walking a fine line – so you need to get it right. Excessive hashtagging on Facebook and Twitter can be irritating, but the world of Instagram is uniquely different because that is precisely how the world of photo and video sharing works. At the same time, it is crucial that you are adding that right kind of hashtags that not only target your intended audience but don’t then point your audience in the wrong direction or inappropriately associate your business with others.

4 -SEO for integration

A key online strategy for businesses is SEO, but with Instagram you can’t simply post an article in the same way as with other platforms. However, you can use Instagram to mention and promote your blog, and then integrate the two by adding a live Instagram feed on your blog page. This symbiosis between your Instagram and your content will mean SEO is not taking a back seat.

5 – Get out there

Instagram is a great way to engage with your community, so make sure you get out there. Share your engagement with local events, depicting yourself as an active member of your local community through the power of beautiful images. Then, fully capitalise by adding hashtags that will associate your brand with your local area, helping you get Instagram followers who found you because they are similarly passionate about where you are.

To help you with these strategies and more, visit Signal Tribe, the premium Instagram marketing agency.

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