How Is PPL Training Taught In South Africa?

In the aviation industry, a PPL (private pilot license) happens to be the license that is held most often. A lot of people who are keen to learn to fly are generally satisfied with this type of license.

Yet, those who want to advance with their flying skills then there are other certifications openly available that you can work towards achieving. But first let me just explain and get clear on what a PPL is.

Getting a PPL happens to be the first step for those who want to be a pilot. It is issued by the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) following flight and ground instruction for a span of 35 to 45 hours.

If you want to attend a FAA-certified flight school, you can get your PPL with mixed instruction of 35 hours. Read on and find out about how training for PPL is taught in South Africa.

Ground School Training

Training starts with ground school and it generally consists of:

  • Regulations
  • Aerodynamic fundamentals
  • Safety
  • Air navigation

Lessons will be imparted for PPL regarding proper techniques of inspecting aircrafts, understanding aeronautical charts, weather studies and navigating and communicating properly on ground while at an airport.

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Training on the Plane

A Cessna 172 or 152 Airplane is generally used when you are trying to know how to fly. These small airplanes have a dependable track record for durability and safety.

An average student is generally ready for solo-flying following flight with instructor after 30 to 35 hours.

In order to get a Private Pilot License, you will need solo flight time for 10 hours, successful nighttime flying for 3 hours and a cross country flight for 5 hours that covers 150 miles on a minimum.

FAA Test

In this stage of how to become a pilot, you will know how to take off properly and control your airplane, land your craft or recover from turbulence. Once both you and your instructor are confident regarding your flying abilities, an FAA test will be done on air as well as on the ground. When you pass the test, you will be issued a PPL from your aviation school.


Satisfying flying conditions

Some of the conditions that you will have to satisfy in order to hold a PPL include flying in just VFR situations.

This means that the weather has to be clear and have a proper ground visual reference. You will have to hold a Class 3 medical certificate, and need to renew your license after every 2 years after fulfilling a check flight with your pilot school flight instructor.

I really hope that the above information contained in my post above provides you with a clearer picture of what you need to prepare for.

If you would like to learn more about how to become a pilot, how to learn to fly and obtain your PPL in South Africa then I recommend that you visit Airborne Aviation School in South Africa by visiting their website here.

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