GWC Valves International and Bendable Phones

GWC Valves International have been working on other products other valves. As any corporation, in order to survive the market, companies need to release new products or services and one-way companies usually go for is by acquiring another company. GWC Valves decided to buy an independent company who is working on a new type of cellular device; it is a bendable phone. This device will have the ability to be worn on your wrist by being wrapped around. The success of this technology is partly due to a new material called grapheme. It is made from condensing carbons on a microscopic level, which is considered the strongest material in solid form. Recently, Lenovo has announced a bendable phone that will hit the market middle of next year. However, many companies such as this small one are working hard on perfecting such a piece of technology.


GWC Valves International has invested well over $250,000 into the newly acquired tech firm. Most of the capital is acting as income for the researchers since they have already been working on the device with their own industrial equipment. Since it’s a small firm, the researchers are also the marketer and salesman. They operate as many multiple departments in any other company. They made their big sale when a cell phone company was looking to make sturdier screens for their devices and they were able to provide grapheme at a exceptional price. If they sold only one hundred units, the profit margin would be extremely low; however, the sale was for ten million units. Which is where they got their funds to even think about conducting research for a new type of device. They did develop a working prototype but the issue was that they couldn’t properly incorporate a powerful CPU. Since they want to keep a thin profile for the device and maintaining its flexibility is their primary focus at the moment. They are not sure whether to display the prototype at a tech expo in Los Angeles or continue working on prototype that can sell itself. The Lenovo’s bendable phone and tablet actually cracked at a demonstration at the tech expo while being interviewed with a famous tech reviewer on the Internet. Despite the crack of the device, Lenovo’s expects to have a better working device in a few short months from now. GWC Valves is most likely going to follow the plan of Lenovo and have a working model for the tech show but not perfected. It’s a form of marketing for the firm.

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