From a Drug Addict to CEO   

Per Wickstrom was born and raised in Traverse City, Michigan and today he is the CEO of many drug rehabs. As Per Wickstrom grew up, he unfortunately like most teenagers, rebelled but his way was much more intense than most. He got addicted to drugs very quick compared to most and this was due to the fact that his girlfriend at 14 years of age broke up with him. Instead of choosing to consult his family and get their support, he instead decided to exclude himself and turn to drinking. He had his first beer at the age of 14 years old after his girlfriend broke his heart and this eventually led to harder drugs like heroin and cocaine. Realising in his mid 30s that this drug addiction has to stop is when he himself went to a drug rehabilitation center and got the help he needed from specialized individuals.

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This experience he went through at the drug rehabilitation center opened his mind and this is when he realized he wants to be that person who can change many people’s lives just like the way certain individuals changed his life. His reasoning for wanting his own drug rehabs was because he himself is a recovered drug addict but also wanted to be able to give back to others. Per Wickstrom understands that the recovery process to any drug addiction takes serious time and dedication. The individual must be willing to recover otherwise the recovery will not be possible for that individual.

Per Wickstrom clearly demonstrates his hard work and dedication to those who know him and this is shown through his success today. Per Wickstrom should be very proud of who he has become today as an individual. He owns many rehabs such as Best Drug Rehabilitation, A Forever Recovery and Choices Recovery. Since Per Wickstrom has been there, he knows what works in a rehabilitation center and what doesn’t work. He is one of the most successful drug rehab entrepreneurs across the United States.

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