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False perceptions regarding lawyers

Most people on the street automatically assume that lawyers are some of the most successful and affluent people on the planet and just like doctors and other high-level professions these people are earning extraordinary amounts of money. Very few of this people ever take the time to think realistically about that assumption and to do some research on this matter. Although there is a whole lot of hotshot lawyers working at prestigious law firms that are earning a lot of money annually the reality is that the lower-level lawyers working at such a law firm will earn in the region of $200,000 annually. Most people freshly out of law school could be expected to start at $160,000 at such a prestigious law firm. Even young scholars have been taken in by the misconceptions regarding lawyers and many of them choose to study law because they are convinced that this is a certain way to become very rich. They don’t have the faintest clue about the sacrifices and the tremendous amount of hard work which has to be done in order to make just a moderate income. It is only when those freshly graduated lawyers actually start their own careers that they realize that if there is a rainbow with a pot of gold then it is unfortunately still a long way off.


The cost of studying

Actually becoming a lawyer is not cheap and when the time, cost and effort involved in becoming a lawyer is taken into account then the rewards which is reaped by some lawyers does not seem reasonable at all. There are other professions where the cost of studying in relation with the eventual rewards is actually more favorable than those which apply to lawyers. Only a very few graduates will be fortunate enough to work for salaries of $160,000 a year because according to statistics most graduates will work for between 40 and $65,000. This kind of salary may be reasonable for a person in a different profession but when all the expenses of actually being a presentable lawyer is taken into account such as the need to have clothing which could be worn to court then that kind of salary is not so bright anymore. Then there are a very high percentage of graduated lawyers who still have a very large study loan to repay that places a further burden on their initial starting salaries.

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Considering a career as a lawyer?

How much do lawyers make? there can be no doubt that a talented young man or woman will find this profession a challenging and rewarding one and there are many of them that will have a passion for this profession and therefore they will often endure the challenges associated with this profession because they simply do not want to do anything else. However for those young people who only come to this profession with expectations of becoming rich quickly a rude awakening may be waiting and the pressures of this profession may eventually become simply too much. This is why young people should make 100% certain about their decision to become lawyers and they should ensure that they are making that career choice for the correct relations in order to avoid severe disappointment later on.

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