Expand your Business with a Digital Mailbox

Businesses are going virtual now more than ever. From independent service providers to web designers, freelance professionals and more, working remotely saves a significant amount of money.

Maintaining a professional image is essential to success for small businesses and freelancers alike. Potential customers have high expectations and budgets must be stretched to ensure you stand out among your competition.

If you plan on working remotely, an iPostal1 virtual address can help improve your business image.


Have a Presence in Multiple Cities

Business growth always comes with additional overhead costs, especially if you want to expand your presence in new cities.

With a digital mailbox, you can have the additional presence without needing to actually maintain an office. Grow your business and find new customers for a fraction of what major corporations spend.

Increase Advertising Presence

When consumers want to buy a product or service, they turn to the Internet first to find businesses located in their community.

Google Maps is an industry leader when it comes to local advertising. Increase your local presence by opening multiple digital mailboxes in cities where you want to increase your marketing presence.

Forgo an Office and Save Money

Besides retaining a full time staff, office space is one of the largest expenses for any business, regardless of size. Internet, phone lines, office supplies and furniture are all part of a larger budget that businesses need when renting an office space.

Digital mailboxes allow small business owners and freelancers to forgo an office while still being able to maintain a professional company presence in any location where expansion is desired.

Convenience of Mail Organization

Organizing and separating personal and business mail can be a real hassle, especially if you receive a large amount of invoices, bills and receipts for your company.

A digital mailbox allows your mail to be conveniently separated for you, with all of your company mail going to one central address. Business owners with digital mailboxes can also view packages and mail on their smartphone or through a website without going to a physical location. Mail can be forwarded, recycled or discarded as needed, and important items can be scanned and stored securely.

An iPostal1 virtual address allows you to work remotely, at home or at any place of your choosing. While you save money on overhead expenses, customers will still perceive you as having a broad reaching presence that makes you an attractive choice.

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