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Excellent Tips To Store Canadian Maple Syrup Properly

Painstaking Preparation Process:

If you are here, then you might have some basic knowledge about the maple syrup. It is made from the sap obtained from maple trees found extensively in the Northern Region of Canada. The preparation of this syrup involves a painstaking process as only 2% of the sap is converted into syrup and the rest is just the water. Removing this water to get maple syrup is a tedious and long process. That is why these ingredients are very expensive.  Canadian Maple Syrup is really a good alternative to sugar and has been widely used in a wide range of recipes and in baking desserts.

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As this Canadian maple syrup is quite expensive, you must store and preserve it properly so that it can be used for an extended period of time. We will be using only a little quantity of maple syrup in cooking and so, it is better to get them in the right amount. However, most people have the habit of purchasing maple syrup in bulk to save some money and to avoid frequent visit to the departmental store to purchase it.

Tips To Store Maple Syrup:

One of the best ways to store maple syrup is to place them in the refrigerator. It can even be placed in the freezer to ensure slow decaying of the syrup. The pure maple does not get frozen and so, you can keep it in the freezer for any number of days without losing the sweetness. If you dint store it properly, it could even develop molds at the top. Of course, it can be removed and the rest of the syrup can be used after boiling it. You must check the sweetness of the syrup before storing it in a bottle. If you taste something different, it is best to put away the syrup.

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