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Evolution of the QR Code scanner methods and how to get a printed logo behind the lines

Welcome to the advanced retail sector! With the advent in the technology, things have evolved at a rapid speed; there is much advancement which is being followed each day! Today, we will discuss about new QR codes which are available for your company. How about QR codes which have a company logo behind it? Yes! It is now possible to create company logos behind the QR Code, gone are the days when only lines were visible when you would offer a product to be scanned. This is the new trend!


There are many benefits which are attached with QR codes scanning, some of them are mentioned below-

Quick scanning and access to the item-

The QR Code reader is the most used and appreciated way of scanning. There are many people across the globe which use QR Code readers as a part of their daily life. There are shops and malls which have been using QR Code scanning since, years now.

What does the logo do?

A logo printed behind the QR code will make it look more elegant and catchy! Since, there is no damage done to the QR Code, this method is gaining a lot of popularity. The logo behind makes it look cool and people can relate to your products with the brand name.

Brand name or symbol will go behind the lines-

Any QR Code reader machine can read these GOQR QR codes which are printed behind. There are many logos of different companies which are present over the internet and you can relate what it is like to get the brand name printed.

The bottom line

Moving with the speed of markets and their evolution helps in many ways. The people can relate to your brand and they will also find it that your company is aware of the advancements which are being followed.

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