Essex TV’s Curry Classes to Be Made Into Series

Britain’s love affair with curries has long been documented, with the Chicken Tikka Masala once named the UK’s national dish, and curry as a whole accounting for £3.5bn of the economy, it’s evidently something close to the British people’s heart.

Essex is no exception, and ETV will be tapping into that by expanding Curry Classes into a whole series so the people of Essex can satisfy their hunger for a good curry from the comfort of their own homes, well, without the satisfaction of eating it right there and then, but when they want to they will know how.

essex 1

It presents yet another angle being played by the fairly new entrant, and cements an attitude of responding to and engaging with viewers on a week to week basis. One spokesperson was quoted saying “Our vision is aligned with the viewers, meaning we don’t need to do any series testing or anything like that because we just respond to what the viewers show us directly”.

The move has surely been received positively by the Essex community with Sam, one viewer from Chelmsford saying: “I hadn’t really heard of the channel, but this Curry show got me excited coz (because) now I’ll have some new recipes to try in the kitchen, and hopefully it will walk me right through it”.

A series shows a serious commitment from ETV, and viewers will be waiting with bated breath to see how ETV follows through. Rumours have already begun on what the next chosen series will be. What show has caught your eye that you would like to see more of?

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