Epsilon Electronics Inc.: Guitar Picks

Epsilon Electronics Inc. is a company that specializes in audio equipment for cars but like any company, they produce quite of bit of waste. Lots of plastic and metal are used to create their products but not every inch of plastic and metal is used for their production. Much of it is thrown out until an operations manager came up with a brilliant idea. His idea was to use the leftover materials to create guitar picks. For non-musicians, guitar picks are what guitarists use to play the guitar. Many styles do rely on the guitarist to use his finger to hit the strings to make a sound but many styles require a pick to play fast and complex chords such as rock, blues, metal, country and folk to name a few. The manager at Epsilon Electronics Inc. realized the plastic and metal materials are the perfect shape and thickness to create guitar picks.

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Epsilon Electronics Inc. actually decided to listen to the manager and look further into this industry. The guitar industry is huge and competitive but complementary goods are practically a non-competitive market since it doesn’t cost much to make picks or straps for guitars. Epsilon Electronics Inc. decided to hire some to help build a machine to make picks and package it, Epsilon Electronics Inc. also was able to customize the packages for each store that were going to sell their picks. It was quite easy, just a flip of a switch, the logo on the package would change instantly. This was a great way to promote the company since they were limiting on the waste, which is better for the environment and also internally, they are maximizing on their materials purchased such as plastic and metal.

Epsilon Electronics Inc. started to take over the music industry without even knowing it. With thousands of requests from consumers, they decided to make guitar straps. Customers want a strong guitar strap so they can swirl their guitar around their body without having to worry about destroying their guitar. Most bands get their straps custom made which is always more expensive and the average musician can’t afford. Epsilon Electronics Inc. finally gave in and created a strap that is super sturdy and affordable for guitarists. Epsilon Electronics Inc. was haled as company that listens to its consumers and this created buzz within the marketing community. By taking a simple endeavor, which helped place the name of Epsilon Electronics Inc. on a different market, helped them to become known in their own industry.

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