Common Hazards at construction sites

Construction work is a lengthy and tiresome task. Whether it is construction of a small house or a large bridge, lot of hard work and energy is required. Lots of hazards are also associated with construction work. Every year, more than hundreds of workers die at the construction sites. Heavy machines and tools are used for construction work that makes construction sites more accident prone. Moreover, construction work itself is a dangerous task. Construction site workers have to be very careful while doing their job otherwise they may get seriously injured.


Trenching and excavation

The most dangerous and hazardous construction task is trenching and excavation. Cave-ins cause lots of damage and casualties at the construction site. Workers involved in trenching and excavation work have to suffer a lot. They have to risk their life in doing this work. For the safety of the worker, trench box should be used in trenching.

Trench boxes are used for shoring at the excavation site. Shoring provides safety to the workers present at the excavation site. Aluminum trench boxes are widely used nowadays at excavation sites. In the market, you can find trench box for sale.


Most injuries and damages that arise at the construction sites are due to falls. Ladders, staircases, scaffolds are mostly used at construction sites. During the construction work, to reach higher areas, workers have to use ladders and while doing so, many times they fall. It results in severe injuries. In order to stay safe, construction site workers should be very careful while using ladders, scaffolds and staircases. They should wear helmets, jackets and shoes that are specifically designed for construction site workers.

Proper security tools and equipments should be used at construction sites to provide total safety to the workers. Workers should also focus a lot on their security during the construction task.

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