CPO certification

Certified protection officer program – an essential requirement

Certified protection officer (CPO) provides basic knowledge, skills and techniques for the spa and pool area. This training is quite effective for the protection of the swimmers while facilitates them during any mishaps in aquatic areas. CPO certification programs lead most interactive activities and check knowledge regarding the skill and ability of the person. For the convenience of the people online training can be start up step to earn the certification.  Students can access the online courses with anytime and anywhere advantage.

CPO certification


The interested students can login and work on the lesson as much time they want. After, you log out be convenient to resume right from the lesson where you left. Students are also provided with online information as listed in the textbooks so that students don’t have to purchase text book. The online version can effectively help you to go through the quick process throughout the important material.

Important benefits of CPO program

  • The certification scheme is widely accepted by state and local authorities while it is one of the proven education tools for the students.
  • It includes all the necessary topics of state and local codes for the pool operators.
  • It educates the students about operator role in management, care and to reduce risk. The system is recognized by people all around whether internationally or nationally.
  • The comprehensive handbook is regularly updated. The certification is eligible for IACET Continuing education units.

Value of training in operating pool

  • Students must have knowledge about the chemical bottles regarding sanitizing, balancing and cleaning of pool.
  • The effective services believe to train individuals, managers and pool operators so that they can provide a well maintained, healthy and perfect pool.
  • Whether the training class starts from classroom or computer but the program and results should effectively work on the process.

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