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Carolyn Young REMAX Realtor Agent Loudoun VA Homes Expert

If you are looking for one of the most qualified, knowledgeable experts in real estate in Northern Virginia, Carolyn Young has a proven track record, amassing over 1000 closings, and selling million dollar homes totaling over 515 million in total gross sales.

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  1. What Should People Know About Carolyn Young?

Yes, as a high energy type person I realized I wanted to not only help others, but be in a field with technical expertise. Real estate offers the best of both worlds – dealing with people as well as the market. Over the last twenty plus years I’ve established a large referral network in the Northern Virginia area. I started out part-time but quickly rose up the ranks of RE/MAX and won the awards you mentioned earlier based on client satisfaction ratings and reaching sales milestones.

I’ve been a lifelong resident of Virginia so I have a deep love for the area, and a deep level of knowledge when it comes to best places to live based on a client’s needs, wants, and budget. I’ve been selling real estate for over 25 years, and have fostered relationships with many clients, friends, families and other brokers. I received the RE/MAX award for sales and service because I’m committed to not just making a sale, but putting people in their dream homes or helping them sell at the highest fair market value.

  1. How does your process start when assessing value or client’s needs?

Everything in real estate will always be connected to a physical location. It dictates the greatest number of variables, including price, school systems, safety, acreage, access to city, distance between neighbors, number of bedrooms, baths, and floorplan. Within real estate, some streets may be hundreds of thousands of dollars less than adjacent ones; the real key is partnering with someone that knows the area extremely well to find the hidden gems to maximize ones mortgage budget.

  1. Why focus on Loudoun County Virginia?

Specialization is what has allowed me to be on top of the latest trends in Virginia’s 3rd largest county. I’m also a lifelong resident of the area. The homes selection is impressive, ranging from middle class families, all the way to high net worth CEOs and entrepreneurs. Our towns have the perfect mix of rural living with a growing city feel to stay connected, which can be seen at Loudoun County Homes for Sale based on pricing and town selections.

  1. Should I buy a home in this market?

The housing bubble did hit everyone a few years back, but homes in Loudoun County held their value and showed their resiliency, bouncing back and actually appreciating in value in comparison to other areas of the nation and Virginia itself. This is because buying a home is a solid investment only when the location is in a desirable, evergreen area such as this one. Right now is the perfect time to buy because many families are coming here and staying here, only increasing the value and scarcity of property listings.

  1. What is the best way to contact you or team members?

As a RE/MAX office, we are ready to handle all inquiries. I can be reached at:

  • 454.1600

44675 Cape Ct #110 Ashburn, VA 20147

Can visit our websites or watch our videos to know more about us.

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